For the last couple of days we have been talking to an orphanage director about a little boy they have been looking for a family for.  Our lawyer spoke to this orphanage director yesterday and said everything so far sounds good.

We are waiting to receive some more information – including a better picture, medical information and information on if the paperwork part of things will come together OK.   Right now I can tell you they estimate he is between 1 and 2.  He is walking, but not talking.  He does say Dad.  He is described as fat, active and intelligent.   His story is heartbreaking.  :(

Right now I have no idea if thing will work out with this little guy.  We need some serious prayers for direction and OPEN DOORS if this is our kid.

Please pray that God will make it perfectly clear if this little boy is supposed to be in our family.   I have to admit, neither Keith or I felt “lightning bolts” or “wow, this is our kid” when we looked at his picture.   He’s adorable.  But I don’t know….I don’t know if those “wow” moments are something I should want or expect? 

Please pray for direction….


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  1. Do not let the lack of “lighting bolts” worry you! I felt exactly, exactly the same way you feel now when I saw the first pics of Tommy. I wanted that rush that I felt when I first saw Leah…but with adoption you just don’t have all those crazy chemicals rushing around your body. Also, I really hoped that there would be some “sign,” like a birthday that meant something, or a significant name. We had none of that, but after a few hours of thinking about it, I realized that this was the baby God had placed in our path, and that he needed parents. We thought he was adorable, and the only thing holding us back was the lack of a grand sign, and I realized that having him chosen for us was sign enough. We don’t regret that decision a bit!

  2. Salem, I was looking at my original blog invite but don’t see a password for the protected posts?

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