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October 30, 2009

I am have been so sick.
H1N1? I don’t know. Probably.
Seems like half the people here have it.

Will start posting again someday soon….

October 26, 2009

Our Little Guy

Here is our referral picture. I know, it’s not great. Poor guy looks a bit belwildered and umm…hungry? :) But we stared at it and studied it. We tried to deciper the little things and see if we could tell anything about his personality. Then we found the other picture (below our referral picture) from a visitor to the orphanage this summer. We are not 100% confirmed that this is him, but we’re pretty sure. Much better picture. :) Such a cutie! Those cheeks! I know – you just want to squeeze them.

We haven’t picked a name yet. His current name (which the orphanage gave him) is Richard. For obvious reasons this won’t work so well. So we’re working on options. He is listed as 20 months old but this is a guess. We’ll see when we get there. We didn’t get a weight or anything and it is hard to judge from the picture how big he is. It should be fun packing clothes in 3 different sizes. :)

Still waiting on our I71H. Our mail has been getting a little wet in the rainy weather. I do not want our I71H to get wet. I will continue to stalk the mailbox and plan to give it a stern lecture tomorrow. :)



October 23, 2009

Three little girls need families

I recently was told about three little girls in Uganda that really need families.

Sisters age 3 & 4 and a single girl age 5.  If you might be interested in one of these girls let me know and I will put you in touch with the right people.  :)

October 23, 2009



I wanted to publicly thank (from the bottom of our hearts!)  the family that loaned us the $2500 for our adoption. 

To back up a little – quite some time ago I came across a new adoption blog, the Block Family.  They were in the midst of raising money for their adoption and I enjoyed reading the blog posts.   I was so excited when I saw on their blog that someone had donated the entire $20,000 needed for their adoption – it just blew me away and I was thrilled for them!  But it gets better – they were STILL going to raise $20,000, but this time they were going to GIVE IT AWAY for someone else’s adoption.   They call it the Pass It Forward Adoption Fund.  I loved it!  I loved the entire idea and the heart of this family.  Just loved it.  Well, time goes on and we start the Every Child’s Right Fundraiser – selling t-shirts to raise funds for our adoption and also help other families in the adoption process.   The Block family decided to sell t-shirts to help raise funds for the Pass It Forward Adoption Fund.  Amy Block and I stayed in contact.  A few days ago we started talking about a child I know of that needs a family.  In the midst of our conversation, the finances for our adoption came up.  I told her we needed $2500 more.   In her next email Amy offered to loan us the $2500 out of the money they got for their adoption!!!  What an amazing and generous offer, from someone who doesn’t even really know us!  We are so excited and grateful to this awesome family.  Their heart for the fatherless is so evident.   If only we lived closer I know we’d be awesome friends.  :) 

Here is their blog for anyone interested in checking them.  Maybe you might be interested in donating to the Pass It Forward Adoption Fund?    It is an awesome thing they have started, not only will they be paying for someone else’s adoption, that family will be raising funds to pay for someone elses – and I hope it goes on and on and on….. you get the idea. :) 


Go check them out!!!




I am SO EXCITED to announce that we are getting another $2500 towards our adoption and are now *almost* at our goal!!!!

I will share who it is from after I ask her if it is OK.  :)

It is a loan we’ll have to pay back by June 2010 but knowing we don’t have to worry about it before we leave is a huge relief.

I thought the $2500 would put us at our goal but there after talking to some people who just came back from Uganda, I realized I was a little off in my estimates.  But we are so close! About $500 close!  THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!  When we started our homestudy in June we started with only enough to finish the homestudy.  That was it.  We thank God for providing for us – it certainly has been a miracle!

My parents are still fundraising for our plane tickets (which they have committed to pay for) and are still running 5K’s for our adoption! I will try to update on that soon.  They run another one tomorrow!  Let me know if you want to sponsor them.  :)

The ONLY thing we are waiting for is our I71H.  USCIS approval.  That. Is. It.   After that we can get a court date and GO!  Still praying it will happen soon so we can be home for Christmas.  Please pray our I71H shows up soooonnnnn!!!!!

October 22, 2009

It’s a boy!!!!

We have accepted the referral of a little boy in Uganda.  He is 20 months old on paper, but we think he may be a little younger than that.   We probably won’t know for sure until we get him here.  But he is just adorable and we are very excited!

Our lawyer let us know that all the paperwork looks good and now we only are waiting on our I71H – USCIS approval.  As soon as that comes we can get a court date and we’ll be ready to go!!!!! 

Not sure when/if I can share pictures until we get him.  I’ll ask and find out.

October 19, 2009

fall collage f

fall collage k

October 17, 2009

OK – so adoption news first:  we got pictures of two little boys on Monday.  Both are orphans and need families.  They are both adorable and both the same age.  We were supposed to “choose” one.  Oh my gosh.  Talk about hard.  We felt called to one of the little boys more than the other, so we think we’re going to say yes to him.   But then we heard there might some other kids coming our way that need families too.  So we’re holding off a little longer before making a final, definite decision.   We are still planning/hoping to travel and be home before Christmas.  I was thinking about poor little baby J. today – the little guy we were hoping to adopt, but can’t because of paperwork issues.  I really hope they get all the paperwork worked out so he can be adopted.  I hate the thought of him growing up in an orphanage.  It makes me so sad.    Maybe next year they will have everything worked out and we can go back????  :)

I have been checking the mail like crazy lately – both email and snail mail.  The email we are expecting is  from our lawyer.  The mail we are expecting is our I-71H.  Neither came today, but I did get something GREAT in the mailbox today – a $500 check from the wonderful people at OATH Ministry.   I can’t tell you how excited I was.  We are getting closer to our goal.  At this point all we have left to pay for our adoption is travel expenses.  That. Is. Amazing.  We started this adoption with no money saved.  Nothing.   We thank God for providing for us so far, it certainly has been a miracle.  We are trusting the rest will come in before it is time for us to go. 

Some random stuff:

My friend Jamie is sooooo close to brining her baby girl home from Haiti.  SO CLOSE!  I can’t wait to hear they are on American soil.  She’s still waiting for her little boy.  We hope he comes home soon!

I had two photography sessions this week and one more this weekend.  They are keeping me very busy since I only do them after work or on the weekends.  Then the editing.  It takes a long time.  I hope as I get more experienced it will get easier and faster.  I’m still working out all the kinks in Photoshop.  It is crazy confusing.  :)   Here are some pictures I did this week.  Beautiful girls. 

D & X

F. had fire safety day at preschool on Wednesday.  He was SO EXCITED.  They went all out.  There were about 10 firemen, two firetrucks, all their equipment, etc.   The kids got to sit in the firetrucks and then they turned the lights and sirens on.  It was very exciting for the kids.  F. has been talking about it for days. 

MAT stuff has been very busy lately.  Sarah and I have been keeping busy and trying to stay organized.  We are thankful though that we’ve been finding some great doctors lately.  We have a doctor interested in one of our babies that needs neurosurgery and I think we have docs willing to help two boys in need of eye surgery.  The doctors are always the easy part – it is the hospitals we have to convince!   We still have many kids in need of heart surgery – if you know any pediatric cardiothoracic surgeons please pass them our way! 

One great story, that is still unfolding.  I read a blog post recently about a little girl in Uganda in desperate need of medical intervention.  Her name is Mercy. she is an orphan and she is currently having seizures every 10 minutes or so.  She needs surgery – quickly.  I asked some questions and got in touch with the people who are helping her in Uganda.  The MAT decided to try and help.  Within days we found a doctor very interested in her case and willing to try to help her.  On top of that, one of the volunteers for MAT is very interested in adopting her!  What a miracle!  We are so, so excited about this development.  Not only will she get the surgery she so desperately needs, hopefully she will get a forever family as well.  We’re thrilled.  :)

Ok, enough for now.  More later!

October 13, 2009

I have not been very good at writing lately!  So much going on.  So much to do! 

Lately, my most obsessive habit has been running to the mailbox.  We are waiting for our I-71H to come in the mail.  For the non-adoption people who read this, the I-71H is basically the US government saying OK, you can bring your adopted child into the United States.  We have to have this before our laywer will present our file to court and get a court date in Uganda. 

Court date you might be saying…how can you have a court date when you don’t even have a child?   True.  :)  But we’re thinking ahead.  We will have a child soon.  Very soon.  Actually I have pictures of two Ugandan orphans in front of me.  We are supposed to choose one.  AHHH!!!  Crazy.  How do you choose which child is going to get to be adopted and know that the other one is going to be left behind?  We’re in serious prayer mode here.   Both are adorable baby boys.  Both are in an approved orphanage – which means that things should move pretty smoothly from this point forward.  Come on I-71H!

How about some non-adoption related stuff?

K & F are both doing great.  It is getting so cold here and we pulled out winter clothes from last year.  K has grown a little bit.  F has grown like crazy.  He is just huge.   :) 

 K is still going strong in 2nd grade.   F has been doing PreK stuff at home and also going to preschool 3x’s a week.  He is also now doing violin lessons!  K continues in horseback riding, piano and her afterschool program.  Staying busy!  I will try to get some pictures up soon.  

And for my record – I know we’re forget these too soon – some cute expressions from the kids recently:

We were sitting in a restaurant.  The kids were busy talking amongst themselves and coloring on their menus when we heard from K, in complete seriousness  

“But I’m seven…seven year olds know everything. ”  :)

And from F:   
Mom and the kids were at a store in town. 
F (who doesn’t like jack-o-lanterns and calls them bad pumpkins)
gasped when he saw the jack-o-lantern display at the store and said

“Oh no!  The bad pumpkin disease is spreading!” 

We had a good laugh.  :)

October 5, 2009

You know how they say no new is good news?  Yeah.  Right.   Not for us.  

I waited anxiously to hear from our lawyer all weekend – to hear the great news that baby boys paperwork looks fine and we are good to go.    Well, baby boys paperwork does look fine, but other paperwork (with the orphanage) doesn’t look so good.   WAHHHH!!!!

Our lawyer hasn’t said impossible, but he said he is “considering advising” us to not move forward with this little boys adoption.  SO DEPRESSING.  This kid NEEDS  a family.  He is a total orphan, I’m talking completely abandoned with absolutely no family.  He needs a family!  But the last thing we want is to push, push, push and then get there and be denied.  So we’re taking a step back.  Letting our lawyer do his thing – figure out what to do next.  Look at all the options.  Etc.  I’ll keep you updated.

October 4, 2009

How time flies…

Keith and I have an anniversary coming up next week.  Our fifth!  I can’t believe it. 
I have missed every single one of our anniversaries except for the 1st one.  Isn’t that sad?
We were married October 10, 2004. 

I was here for our first anniversary in October 2005. 

I can’t for the life of me remember where I was in October 10, 2006?  But I know I wasn’t here. 

October 10, 2007 I was traveling home from Haiti with these little guys


and changing our lives forever by bringing this little man into our home.


October 10, 2008 my heart was broken as I handed our baby boy back to his mother in a Haitian hotel.   Someone took pictures and video.  I will be honest and say that when I got home from Haiti I put them away and haven’t looked at them since.  They aren’t on the computer.  I’m not going to get them out.  It was the hardest day of my life.   Here is a picture of  his family shortly after he went back to their village to live.   Aren’t they a beautiful family?


Where will I be on October 10, 2009?  I’ll be here!  Yay!  :)   My family will be participating in a 5K to benefit this organization that works in Uganda.   We will be wearing our Every Child’s Right t-shirts and having fun together.  Keith is planning to run it, though he’s been sick and hasn’t run all week.  Hopefully he can build himself back up this coming week and feel ready to go on the 10th!

I know, I know – I’m always wanting everyone to check out one awesome organization or another – but do check out the Empower Campaign.  I can’t wait to get more involved in their work in Uganda.  I am adding the link to my sidebar and putting on here.