A couple of random things on my mind that I thought I would share. 

1.  Our lawyer was supposed to go to Busia yesterday and check out our little guys paperwork and get some more information.  I haven’t heard anything yet.  It is now 7pm in Uganda.  Not sure if we will hear anything until Monday.  :(

2. I have been thinking a lot about Schnider lately.  I mean, I think about him everyday, but lately he’s been coming to my mind a lot more.  As we get closer to bringing another child into our family I start thinking more and more about what it will be like have another little boy here.  And how weird it will feel that it isn’t Schnider.  Even after a year.  It seems like yesterday.  Miss him so much. 

3. My parents, K. and F. are headed to TN for the Together for Adoption conference.  I REALLY wanted to go.  But our fingerpritns are tomorrow and someone had to stay with grandma.  I’m excited my parents get to go though.   I will get to watch as they are streaming it live!

4. I don’t talk much on here about my parents current adoption.  They are still in IBESR.  M. was 15 in September.  She has 11 months to get through the rest of the system before she ages out.   Adoptions from Haiti are taking 18-24 months.  Not encouraging.  Please pray for that situation.  It would break our hearts if she wasn’t able to come but I can’t even imagine what it would do to her.  We’ve known her for eight years.  She’s wanted this for so long.  We love her and want her here with her family. 

5.  In happier news – I’ve been following this blog and am so excited for this family!!!  

6.  My blog friend Courtney – who is an absolutely amazing mother and has one of the most loving hearts, is going through a rough time.  Please pray for their family. 

7.  My wonderful friend Sarah has been waiting for her beautiful little boy to come home from Haiti for over three years.  He just celebrated his fourth birthday.  This is a difficult time for their family.  I have offered to go to Haiti with her and do whatever we can do to bring her son home.   Something HAS to happen – this little boy can not just continue to sit in an orphanage.  It is crazy.  Pray for a miracle. 

8.  I have been following Jason Kovac’s blog for a while now.  I LOVE his heart for the orphan.   he and his wife also just adopted a beautiful baby boy from Uganda.  He works with Abba Fund – an organization that provides no-interest loans to Christian adoptive couples (we just applied!).   He finds and posts the most amazing blog posts, articles, books, etc.   This last one really moved me.


3 Comments to “Random”

  1. love these links and i’m going to stop right now and take some time to pray for the things you’ve mentioned here.

  2. Bless your heart. I just found this post today and I am so touched by it.

  3. I just love your heart! thanks for sharing it with us!

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