I have not been very good at writing lately!  So much going on.  So much to do! 

Lately, my most obsessive habit has been running to the mailbox.  We are waiting for our I-71H to come in the mail.  For the non-adoption people who read this, the I-71H is basically the US government saying OK, you can bring your adopted child into the United States.  We have to have this before our laywer will present our file to court and get a court date in Uganda. 

Court date you might be saying…how can you have a court date when you don’t even have a child?   True.  :)  But we’re thinking ahead.  We will have a child soon.  Very soon.  Actually I have pictures of two Ugandan orphans in front of me.  We are supposed to choose one.  AHHH!!!  Crazy.  How do you choose which child is going to get to be adopted and know that the other one is going to be left behind?  We’re in serious prayer mode here.   Both are adorable baby boys.  Both are in an approved orphanage – which means that things should move pretty smoothly from this point forward.  Come on I-71H!

How about some non-adoption related stuff?

K & F are both doing great.  It is getting so cold here and we pulled out winter clothes from last year.  K has grown a little bit.  F has grown like crazy.  He is just huge.   :) 

 K is still going strong in 2nd grade.   F has been doing PreK stuff at home and also going to preschool 3x’s a week.  He is also now doing violin lessons!  K continues in horseback riding, piano and her afterschool program.  Staying busy!  I will try to get some pictures up soon.  

And for my record – I know we’re forget these too soon – some cute expressions from the kids recently:

We were sitting in a restaurant.  The kids were busy talking amongst themselves and coloring on their menus when we heard from K, in complete seriousness  

“But I’m seven…seven year olds know everything. ”  :)

And from F:   
Mom and the kids were at a store in town. 
F (who doesn’t like jack-o-lanterns and calls them bad pumpkins)
gasped when he saw the jack-o-lantern display at the store and said

“Oh no!  The bad pumpkin disease is spreading!” 

We had a good laugh.  :)


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