OK – so adoption news first:  we got pictures of two little boys on Monday.  Both are orphans and need families.  They are both adorable and both the same age.  We were supposed to “choose” one.  Oh my gosh.  Talk about hard.  We felt called to one of the little boys more than the other, so we think we’re going to say yes to him.   But then we heard there might some other kids coming our way that need families too.  So we’re holding off a little longer before making a final, definite decision.   We are still planning/hoping to travel and be home before Christmas.  I was thinking about poor little baby J. today – the little guy we were hoping to adopt, but can’t because of paperwork issues.  I really hope they get all the paperwork worked out so he can be adopted.  I hate the thought of him growing up in an orphanage.  It makes me so sad.    Maybe next year they will have everything worked out and we can go back????  :)

I have been checking the mail like crazy lately – both email and snail mail.  The email we are expecting is  from our lawyer.  The mail we are expecting is our I-71H.  Neither came today, but I did get something GREAT in the mailbox today – a $500 check from the wonderful people at OATH Ministry.   I can’t tell you how excited I was.  We are getting closer to our goal.  At this point all we have left to pay for our adoption is travel expenses.  That. Is. Amazing.  We started this adoption with no money saved.  Nothing.   We thank God for providing for us so far, it certainly has been a miracle.  We are trusting the rest will come in before it is time for us to go. 

Some random stuff:

My friend Jamie is sooooo close to brining her baby girl home from Haiti.  SO CLOSE!  I can’t wait to hear they are on American soil.  She’s still waiting for her little boy.  We hope he comes home soon!

I had two photography sessions this week and one more this weekend.  They are keeping me very busy since I only do them after work or on the weekends.  Then the editing.  It takes a long time.  I hope as I get more experienced it will get easier and faster.  I’m still working out all the kinks in Photoshop.  It is crazy confusing.  :)   Here are some pictures I did this week.  Beautiful girls. 

D & X

F. had fire safety day at preschool on Wednesday.  He was SO EXCITED.  They went all out.  There were about 10 firemen, two firetrucks, all their equipment, etc.   The kids got to sit in the firetrucks and then they turned the lights and sirens on.  It was very exciting for the kids.  F. has been talking about it for days. 

MAT stuff has been very busy lately.  Sarah and I have been keeping busy and trying to stay organized.  We are thankful though that we’ve been finding some great doctors lately.  We have a doctor interested in one of our babies that needs neurosurgery and I think we have docs willing to help two boys in need of eye surgery.  The doctors are always the easy part – it is the hospitals we have to convince!   We still have many kids in need of heart surgery – if you know any pediatric cardiothoracic surgeons please pass them our way! 

One great story, that is still unfolding.  I read a blog post recently about a little girl in Uganda in desperate need of medical intervention.  Her name is Mercy. she is an orphan and she is currently having seizures every 10 minutes or so.  She needs surgery – quickly.  I asked some questions and got in touch with the people who are helping her in Uganda.  The MAT decided to try and help.  Within days we found a doctor very interested in her case and willing to try to help her.  On top of that, one of the volunteers for MAT is very interested in adopting her!  What a miracle!  We are so, so excited about this development.  Not only will she get the surgery she so desperately needs, hopefully she will get a forever family as well.  We’re thrilled.  :)

Ok, enough for now.  More later!


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  1. Those are the prettiest girls I have ever seen!
    The photo’s are great!
    Love them all, even the ones with me in them!

    proud mom

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