I wanted to publicly thank (from the bottom of our hearts!)  the family that loaned us the $2500 for our adoption. 

To back up a little – quite some time ago I came across a new adoption blog, the Block Family.  They were in the midst of raising money for their adoption and I enjoyed reading the blog posts.   I was so excited when I saw on their blog that someone had donated the entire $20,000 needed for their adoption – it just blew me away and I was thrilled for them!  But it gets better – they were STILL going to raise $20,000, but this time they were going to GIVE IT AWAY for someone else’s adoption.   They call it the Pass It Forward Adoption Fund.  I loved it!  I loved the entire idea and the heart of this family.  Just loved it.  Well, time goes on and we start the Every Child’s Right Fundraiser – selling t-shirts to raise funds for our adoption and also help other families in the adoption process.   The Block family decided to sell t-shirts to help raise funds for the Pass It Forward Adoption Fund.  Amy Block and I stayed in contact.  A few days ago we started talking about a child I know of that needs a family.  In the midst of our conversation, the finances for our adoption came up.  I told her we needed $2500 more.   In her next email Amy offered to loan us the $2500 out of the money they got for their adoption!!!  What an amazing and generous offer, from someone who doesn’t even really know us!  We are so excited and grateful to this awesome family.  Their heart for the fatherless is so evident.   If only we lived closer I know we’d be awesome friends.  :) 

Here is their blog for anyone interested in checking them.  Maybe you might be interested in donating to the Pass It Forward Adoption Fund?    It is an awesome thing they have started, not only will they be paying for someone else’s adoption, that family will be raising funds to pay for someone elses – and I hope it goes on and on and on….. you get the idea. :) 


Go check them out!!!




I am SO EXCITED to announce that we are getting another $2500 towards our adoption and are now *almost* at our goal!!!!

I will share who it is from after I ask her if it is OK.  :)

It is a loan we’ll have to pay back by June 2010 but knowing we don’t have to worry about it before we leave is a huge relief.

I thought the $2500 would put us at our goal but there after talking to some people who just came back from Uganda, I realized I was a little off in my estimates.  But we are so close! About $500 close!  THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!  When we started our homestudy in June we started with only enough to finish the homestudy.  That was it.  We thank God for providing for us – it certainly has been a miracle!

My parents are still fundraising for our plane tickets (which they have committed to pay for) and are still running 5K’s for our adoption! I will try to update on that soon.  They run another one tomorrow!  Let me know if you want to sponsor them.  :)

The ONLY thing we are waiting for is our I71H.  USCIS approval.  That. Is. It.   After that we can get a court date and GO!  Still praying it will happen soon so we can be home for Christmas.  Please pray our I71H shows up soooonnnnn!!!!!


One Comment to “Yippee!!!!”

  1. So exciting, Salem!!! When do you guys leave? Do you have a court date???!!! We are SO excited for you!!!

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