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November 29, 2009

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November 24, 2009


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November 24, 2009


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November 23, 2009

I realized recently that in the last couple of months there has been a fairly big increase in the number of readers of this blog. 

Before we started our adoption, it was mostly family and friends reading.  People who “know” us. 

Now, there are a lot of people reading who I don’t really know, people who have come to read the blog linked from other places,  people adopting from Uganda, or interested in adopting from Uganda that find us somehow,  online friends we’ve made, etc.   When I first started blogging (on my first blog which isn’t public access anymore) I started it as a way to keep people informed on the work we were doing in Haiti and our journey with Schnider.   And since my parents didn’t blog, it also turned into a nice way to keep friends and family up to date on how K. and F. were doing.   This current blog has turned more into a journal of sorts, a way for me to chronicle our adoption journey and life.   

While we’re waiting (not very patiently, I will admit) I thought I would back up a bit and tell our story.  How Keith and I met and how we got to the point we’re at now.    So I’ll be working on that post later today.   

I will post any and all adoption news as soon as I get it!  :)


November 22, 2009

No news.

I will post as soon as we hear anything!

November 16, 2009

It’s Monday.   We are hoping to get our court date this week so we can book plane tickets to GO GET OUR SON!  I have my phone/ email attached to me and jump every time I hear that I have a new email.   We are SO EXCITED.

Here is a random picture to help pass the time and add to the cuteness of this post.  :) Love these two.  They are such awesome kids and just the coolest little Haitians you’ll ever meet. 



November 16, 2009

Today we got some information on our little boy in Uganda!  In the form of text messages from the nun that runs his orphanage!  :)

The first message told us that he is “very gentle”,  “lovely” and the “mayor of the home”.  We aren’t sure what that last part means, but it sounds cute.  :) 

Our second message told us that he is walking and saying a few words.   That he is a very heavy boy (we could tell that from the pictures – talk about chubby!)  and is very healthy.

He has been in the orphanage since he was a month old.  We also got some information on his background and how he became an orphan.  We now know that his age is probably pretty correct since he was found at such a young age.   (His birth certificate says he is 22 months old, born mid January). 

It is wonderful to receive these bits of information.  I can’t wait to meet this baby!!!

November 13, 2009


Not only are we waiting for our little boy in Uganda…but we are also waiting on news of our little guy in Haiti.

Oh, how I miss my Schnider-bug. We haven’t seen an update on him in a while.  He looks so grown up in the last picture we received. He’s 2 years old 5 months old today. I can’t believe he’s almost 2.5! I can’t believe I have not seen him for over a year. This last year has been so crazy – so much sadness and so much happiness. Losing a baby and gaining a baby in the same year….it sure stretches the heart in ways I had no idea it go.

So now, as we prepare for our new son I start thinking about the months ahead. In particular, Christmas.

Our Christmas with Schnider was incredible – I loved having a baby and experiencing Christmas as a family. But it was also bittersweet…as much as we loved him, he wasn’t ours. I knew that it was probably the only Christmas we’d spend with him. That was very hard.

Last Christmas, only two short months after we took Schnider back to Haiti, I prayed that it would be our last Christmas as a family of two. It was a hard Christmas. VERY HARD.

This Christmas we are preparing to be with our new son. We pray we’ll be home in time for Christmas celebrations. What a wonderful Christmas that will be…our first one with our son. I know we’ll also be sad missing our sweet Schnider, but I hope the excitement and joy we feel of being home with our son will overshadow some of the sadness we’ll feel.

What a jumble of emotions this last year has been. I know things will only get easier from here – they have gotten easier as the months have gone by…but I do hope to spend another Christmas with Schnider some day. Perhaps there is a family Christmas vacation to Haiti in our future somewhere? :)

The last picture we got of Schnider – September.


Pictures from Schniders first Christmas and the month of December 2007 – 6 months old

December 283

Opening Presents


December 383

December 084


December 622


December 159

Hanging out with Keith.  You can tell just how tiny he was from this picture.  Thats a 0-3 month sleeper.

December 672


December 879


November 13, 2009

Our lawyer emailed – he has our dossier in his hands and will be taking it to court next week to get a court date. Please pray we get our court date quickly!!!


I know, thanks to the tracking number from FedEx, that our dossier has arrived in Uganda! It hasn’t been delivered to the lawyer yet – it says it is on the FedEx truck for delivery. Wahoo! We are so excited. Our lawyer said he would file it as soon as he got it. I don’t know if he will get it in time to file it today before things shut down (dont know what time courts close down in Uganda??) but if not, Monday for sure. He said to expect a court date within a week! I must find things to keep my mind occupied this week…I just can’t wait to find out when we’re going to get our boy!!!

And while you are waiting – how about a video from our little guys orphanage. Found this on Youtube – it is from a year ago and no, our little guy isn’t in there anywhere (I don’t think) – he would have still been very small and these look like mostly toddlers. But how cute are they????

November 10, 2009

A Good Day!

Today, was a good day.

We received out I71H in the mail today! We also received our corrected homestudy, which needed to be fixed to go in our dossier. Two things we’ve been waiting for coming in the mail the SAME DAY was very exciting for me. I have been running to the mailbox every day for 2 weeks waiting for our I71H. When I saw both things in the box, I did a little dance right there in the driveway. :) I was so excited!

I took the new papers in and got them notorized then rushed over to FedEx. It was $120 to FedEx 1lb of paperwork to Uganda. I seriously almost fainted in the office. I couldn’t believe it! I am so glad to have it out of my hands though. The packet is supposed to arrive in Uganda on Friday which, I am hoping, means a court date early next week! AHHHH! We are so close to getting our boy! :)