Not only are we waiting for our little boy in Uganda…but we are also waiting on news of our little guy in Haiti.

Oh, how I miss my Schnider-bug. We haven’t seen an update on him in a while.  He looks so grown up in the last picture we received. He’s 2 years old 5 months old today. I can’t believe he’s almost 2.5! I can’t believe I have not seen him for over a year. This last year has been so crazy – so much sadness and so much happiness. Losing a baby and gaining a baby in the same year….it sure stretches the heart in ways I had no idea it go.

So now, as we prepare for our new son I start thinking about the months ahead. In particular, Christmas.

Our Christmas with Schnider was incredible – I loved having a baby and experiencing Christmas as a family. But it was also bittersweet…as much as we loved him, he wasn’t ours. I knew that it was probably the only Christmas we’d spend with him. That was very hard.

Last Christmas, only two short months after we took Schnider back to Haiti, I prayed that it would be our last Christmas as a family of two. It was a hard Christmas. VERY HARD.

This Christmas we are preparing to be with our new son. We pray we’ll be home in time for Christmas celebrations. What a wonderful Christmas that will be…our first one with our son. I know we’ll also be sad missing our sweet Schnider, but I hope the excitement and joy we feel of being home with our son will overshadow some of the sadness we’ll feel.

What a jumble of emotions this last year has been. I know things will only get easier from here – they have gotten easier as the months have gone by…but I do hope to spend another Christmas with Schnider some day. Perhaps there is a family Christmas vacation to Haiti in our future somewhere? :)

The last picture we got of Schnider – September.


Pictures from Schniders first Christmas and the month of December 2007 – 6 months old

December 283

Opening Presents


December 383

December 084


December 622


December 159

Hanging out with Keith.  You can tell just how tiny he was from this picture.  Thats a 0-3 month sleeper.

December 672


December 879



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