Today we got some information on our little boy in Uganda!  In the form of text messages from the nun that runs his orphanage!  :)

The first message told us that he is “very gentle”,  “lovely” and the “mayor of the home”.  We aren’t sure what that last part means, but it sounds cute.  :) 

Our second message told us that he is walking and saying a few words.   That he is a very heavy boy (we could tell that from the pictures – talk about chubby!)  and is very healthy.

He has been in the orphanage since he was a month old.  We also got some information on his background and how he became an orphan.  We now know that his age is probably pretty correct since he was found at such a young age.   (His birth certificate says he is 22 months old, born mid January). 

It is wonderful to receive these bits of information.  I can’t wait to meet this baby!!!


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  1. Oh my goodness that is SO EXCITING! You got a ‘major’. I LOVE IT. :0) So happy for your family and cannot wait till he is in your arms FOREVER. Love you- Amy

  2. the number worked this time for you, hooray!! I’m going to text her tonight — thought I’d spread it out a little since we just had word via Joanne, but I think we’ve waited as long as we can! :)
    so excited that you’ll have your baby in your arms so soon!!!!!!

  3. Salem,
    What an exciting time for your family!
    Praying that you will get that special message very soon….
    God Bless,
    Rose Anne(Saul’s Mommy)

  4. The Mayor – I love it!!!!

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