I realized recently that in the last couple of months there has been a fairly big increase in the number of readers of this blog. 

Before we started our adoption, it was mostly family and friends reading.  People who “know” us. 

Now, there are a lot of people reading who I don’t really know, people who have come to read the blog linked from other places,  people adopting from Uganda, or interested in adopting from Uganda that find us somehow,  online friends we’ve made, etc.   When I first started blogging (on my first blog which isn’t public access anymore) I started it as a way to keep people informed on the work we were doing in Haiti and our journey with Schnider.   And since my parents didn’t blog, it also turned into a nice way to keep friends and family up to date on how K. and F. were doing.   This current blog has turned more into a journal of sorts, a way for me to chronicle our adoption journey and life.   

While we’re waiting (not very patiently, I will admit) I thought I would back up a bit and tell our story.  How Keith and I met and how we got to the point we’re at now.    So I’ll be working on that post later today.   

I will post any and all adoption news as soon as I get it!  :)



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