Well, there is not much going on right now, yet we’re staying busy.  :)  

Yesterday was a good day.   Our good friends received their referral.  They have been waiting a LONG TIME for a referral from China.  Their daughter is K.’s best friend.   They finally received a referral of a gorgeous baby boy.  9 months old.  Just precious.  I’m excited we’ll have boys together!   Some online friends met their precious boy yesterday.  He was born in FL and is soooo adorable.   They named him Malakai.   Good name.  :)

The kids have been staying busy with their various activities.  K. in piano, ice skating and horseback riding.  F. in hockey, violin and swimming…though I think swimming is over.   We’d like to get him into gymnastics but we’ll have to figure out where to squeeze that in.  :)  K. is playing Christmas music in piano and I LOVE to hear her play Carol of the Bells.  It is so cute. 

So, the latest from Uganda is that our lawyer should be able to assign us a January court date before the courts close but he won’t be able to confirm it until the courts open back up in January.   So we may have an idea when we’re traveling but nothing “for sure” until the courts open back up.  I am praying for an early January date.  I really want to be there for Malachi’s 2nd birthday in mid January and I really want to be home before F.’s 5th birthday mid February.   We’ll see what happens.  At least those are things to hope for. 

Our next big issue is that since Kai will be 2 by time we travel home, he’s going to need his own seat on the airplane.  They won’t let kids over age 2 ride as a lap passenger.  That is a big bummer for us because that means we need to come up with another $1500 -$2000 that we don’t have.   I’m not sure how we’re going to do that.  If you have any brilliant ideas, I’d love to hear them.  :)

More later.


Ice skating cuties:


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  1. We’re facing the same issue with Ian turning two years old on December 9th. Trusting God will provide! How have you fared with grant applications thus far?

  2. Salem,
    contact the airlines , sometimes there are funds to help off set the cost for parents that are adopting….and don’t forget to take a car seat!
    Praying that you hear something soon!
    God Bless,
    Rose Anne

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