It’s true….

When we first started talking seriously about adopting our first child, there was one thing that scared both of us, financing the adoption.  We had NO IDEA where we would come up with the money we needed to adopt.  We had next to no savings, and just don’t have extra funds every month to start saving up  I know that finances play a huge part in almost all adoptions and many families decide not to adopt a child because of the cost.   I wanted to share a little bit about how God has provided for our adoption – it is a true miracle and I feel like a poster child for Christians adopting when you have very little money.  :)

Every time I spoke to other adoptive families about how they did it, I heard the same thing over and over….God provides the money when you need it.   I heard it over and over again – family after family saying that as soon as they needed the money, it was there.  I admit, I heard it…I wanted to believe it…. but in the back of my mind I was still scared.  What if it didn’t come?  What if we get stuck half way and can’t come up with the rest of the money? 

When we officially decided to move forward with an adoption (in October 08) I felt like we were taking a giant step of faith.  I kept telling Keith “God will provide the money” but I was still soooo nervous!  What if He didn’t????

The first couple of months of our adoption were very slow…we were making a lot of decisions and didn’t have to spend much money. Less than $200 I think on applications, etc.   I had taken on a second part-time job and by time we started our homestudy (in June 2008) we had saved the money for our homestudy ($1200). 

When we filed our I600A with USCIS we received a financial gift that was enough to pay for the fee ($830) and to retain our lawyer ($500) .  We received it days before our USCIS appointment.  Perfect timing. 

We started sending out grant and adoption loan applications, knowing that we had our big fees coming up.  Our lawyers fees and travel.   Once again, I started panicking – how were we ever going to come up with all that money??  It added up to almost $10,000. 

As we were preparing our dossier paperwork and getting ready to send everything to Uganda our church family provided us with a financial gift.  It was more than enough to pay for our paperwork and the cost of mailing everything to Uganda.   Then we received a small grant.  What an encouragement that was to receive it in the mail!  I knew we had a long way to go but finally I started to get it….God really was providing the money we needed, right when we needed it!  Amazing!!!!

In a matter of months we had almost all of our adoption money raised through gifts, saving and fundraising.  We were $2500 short of our goal and only needed that and our money for our plane tickets.  I was talking to a new friend about our adoption and in her next email  she offered to loan us the remaining $2500!  This is someone I have never met, someone I have only spoken to via email and through our blogs.   Talk about a miracle.  I thank God for them and their obedience and kindness. 

That left only our plane tickets.  My parents were working hard to fundraise for this specific cause but as the time to travel got closer and closer…I started to panic.  Yes, again.   What was I thinking?   Hadn’t everything else come in JUST WHEN WE NEEDED IT?  

Out of the blue, about two weeks  before we thought we’d be booking our plane tickets, we got a call from Abba Fund.  We were being considered for an interest free adoption loan.   A week or so later we found out we were chosen to receive it.  A matter of days before we hoped to be booking our plane tickets.  Wow.  That gave us all of our adoption money.  There are no words to describe how awesome that felt.  

When we found out our court date was being pushed to January that presented a new hurdle.   Malachi will turn two in January which means we’ll have to purchase him a plane ticket.  Also, ticket prices are MUCH higher in January than they were in November.  Not sure why.  So we’re looking at about $3,000 more needed to finish our adoption.   Even though it seems like coming up with another $3,000 in such a short amount of time is a huge obstacle, I know it will work out.   Remind me of that if I start worrying in a couple weeks, OK?  :)

I hope this is an encouragement to anyone considering adoption but are scared of the costs.   I was right there.  I totally get it.   Please take that step of faith.  He’ll provide.  It’s true…. I’ve seen it. 

If you want to adopt and are looking into adoption grants/loans here are some that we applied to.  All of these allow families to apply if they are adopting independently. 
Abba Fund 
Lifesong for Orphans
Help Us Adopt
God’s Grace Adoption

Let me know if you know of any other organizations that provide grants/loans to families adopting independently. 

I plan to write a blog post soon on low cost adoption options.  We search for many months looking for an adoption program we could afford.   We are so thankful we found this program in Uganda and are so close to bringing our son home!


4 Comments to “It’s true….”

  1. wow, thanks for sharing that! God id good. we are in the same boat, not much savings and just stepping out in faith. thanks for the list of grants we can apply to, i was worried about that since we decided to go independently! praying for your son’s plane ticket!

  2. So happy for you Salem!!! You are right, God DOES provide. When we began the process to adopt our daughter, everyone said she was too sick to survive, our family was too large to be approved, my husband was unemployed…there was a whole page of all the reasons it was impossible, and in the yes collumn, only God says she is our child and if we walk forward, He will open every door. He did!! There were SO many miracles, including a family that I have never even met who called from another state to tell me that while they were financially blessed, they weren’t called to be parents again, but they wanted our daughter to have the love of a family. They paid the fees to bring her home to us!!! I have never been so awed and humbled in my life!!

  3. i would LOVE to know the program you did through uganda. How did you even start to do it on your own without an agency? that scares me just thinking about it. Please explain in detail from start to finish how you did it on your own and what all you had to do! If you dont mind! Thanks so much!

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