Low Cost Adoption Options

When we started researching adoption we searched for a LONG TIME for a low cost adoption option that wouldn’t involve foster care.  (We had just lost Schnider and I knew I couldn’t deal with another potential loss).   We are very blessed to have found this program/lawyer in Uganda but I know many families are still looking for low cost adoption programs. 

I am working on a post about low cost adoption options.
I am particularly interested in international adoption options under $15,000.  

If anyone has any thoughts/idesa/tips to share please email me at sister_haiti@yahoo.com

I’d like to get it up in the next few days. 

Thanks!!!  :)


2 Comments to “Low Cost Adoption Options”

  1. Thanks so much for putting this together… we would love to add more children to our family in the next year or two- and would love to find a program that was affordable…
    I am thinking our Haitian adoption was near $20,000 once flights were added in (and things kept needing to be renewed because it took so long)…. our domestic infant (aa) adoption was right around $12,000… but I can’t find any programs that are that low cost anymore either….

  2. We are definitely trying to figure out how to finance our adoption from Uganda without going into debt! We’d love to know what ideas people have!

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