Low Cost Adoption Options:

OK – here goes!  I’m SURE there are more options than what I have listed here.  Feel free to shoot me an email and give me your other tips and options.  :)

Gotta start with this!  :)  Independent adoption from Uganda. Our adoption fees (total including paperwork, homestudy, USCIS, lawyer, travel, etc) will end up being between $12,000 – $14,000.   Personally, that is pretty much the lowest, non-special needs international adoption I have ever seen.  One thing that makes our adoption fees so low is that we didn’t have to travel twice to Uganda and we’re using a lawyer that only charges $2500 for his services.   The other lawyer that many families use in Uganda charges $5000 – $6000 I think.   Even using that lawyer the fees are still lower than many international adoption programs.  Agency adoptions through Uganda seems to be a bit cheaper than other agency international adoptions – but not a lot.   You can find links to various Uganda adoption blogs on my sidebar.  I would be happy to talk to anyone interested in independent adoption from Uganda.  If interested in agency adoption through Uganda you can check out Generations Adoptions, Holt Int’l, or Lifeline in AL.  There may be other agencies with pilot programs. 

I recently became aware of the option to adopt independently from Rwanda.  Fees seem to be close to what we are paying in Uganda.  This family is in Rwanda right now bringing their son home.   They have a detailed timeline and fees on the sidebar of their blog.  My friend Tiffani has a list of Rwanda Adoption blogs (agency and independent) on her blog side bar. 

Of all the agencies I’ve seen – AAI has the most reasonable fees and a stellar reputation.  They have sliding scale based on your income and reduced fees for special needs,  HIV+ and older children.  Their Thailand program has very low fees.  They have programs in Ghana, Ethiopia, Thailand and China I believe.

WACAP offers grants for many of their older and special needs children.   Last year their African American Infant program had a great no-interest loan offered to families adopting babies through their program.  This was the first program we signed up with.  They have international programs in Ethiopia, Korea, India, China, Kazhakstan, Russia and Thailand.

Brittany’s Hope offers grants to many special needs children – sometimes these grants are up to $8500.  This would greatly reduce the fees of many of these children.   Many of these children are with Holt International.  We considered a couple of children through their Korea program.  Holt offers a fee reduction for many of their special needs children on top of the Brittany’s Hope grant – which made the fees very low and reasonable. 

Reece’s Rainbow often has grants on the special needs children they advocate for.  

We also looked into domestic special needs adoption.  Spence Chapin has a great infant special needs program called ASAP.   They list special needs infants available for adoption pretty regularly.  They have a gorgeous baby girl on there now who has been waiting for a while.   CHASK also lists children in need of families on their website -some of these are children whose current adoptive families are disrupting their adoptions, but they also occasionally have infants born with medical needs that need families.  

And I can’t forget the thousands of American children waiting in foster care to be adopted here in the US.  There are often no to little fees associated with these type of adoptions.  Adoptuskids.org is a great place to search for available children in the US that need families.  This link also has a bunch of photolistings for children that need families in the US.  We didn’t have the greatest experience inquiring about children in the US fostercare.  I’ve probably inquired about a hundred children in the last couple of years and only a handful of social workers have gotten back to us.  We have friends who adopted through foster-adopt in our area and they say that a good social worker is the key.

Ok – what did I miss??

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  1. wow…if only i were brave enough to attempt adoption on our own. Maybe after our first child adoption with an agency, we can feel a little braver to adopt by ourselves! I would love to know what all you have to do by yourself though! :0)

  2. Is Nyombi your attorney? If so, he’s now charging $6K, according to his recent email to me. Perhaps Nyombi is the other attorney who has always charged this, and you are using a different attorney. I would love to get the email contact for the $2500 attorney. Thanks!

  3. thanks for this post! and praying that the judge has a huge heart!

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