Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope all my blog readers had a wonderful day today. We had a good one, all things considered. I have been pretty upset the last couple of days. We had thought our sweet Malachi would be with us for this Christmas. I couldn’t help but think about him today. Wonder what he might be doing. If they do anything special at the orphanage. If he’s happy, healthy, feels loved….

We know that there is an American girl at the orphanage right now volunteering. She is supposed to be delivering a small photo album to Kai for us. I hope we’ll get some pictures of him sometime soon. What a Christmas present that would be!

We had a nice time today seeing all of our families. We went to Keith’s moms house this morning and had a chance to spend some time with his family. Then we headed back to town and had dinner with my family. It was a pretty laid back day with LOTS of food. :)

K. called me this morning and asked me if I was coming down to watch them open gifts, so I got up and went down to spend Christmas morning with them. They had a great time and got a lot of fun things that they were very excited about. I love the excitement of Christmas morning and the kids joy as they open their gifts. It is so fun to watch.

I took Christmas pictures of the kids the other day. Here are some of my favorites. F. was NOT being cooperative that day, so I had a very hard time getting decent pictures of him. Thats why there are more pics of K. than F.

I’m off to watch Sherlock Holmes with my sister. Time to fight the crowds! :) Christmas day is a big day at the movies around here for some reason. We’re going to the late movie so hopefully it won’t be too crazy.

Keep praying for our adoption and for our friends the Matt’s and the Metz’s. They are both away from their sons in Uganda this Christmas as well and it is so hard. We’re praying we all hear good news very quickly and that our boys are home SOON!


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  1. beautiful pics! Praying you hear good news soon!

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