Flashback: New Years Eve 2005

I was looking through OLD emails (the below story was written New Years Eve 2006) and came across this email I wrote to one of the Yahoo! groups I was on at the time. My sweet baby brother F. came home New Years Eve 2005. I wrote this story a year after he had come home. It was great re-living it. I can’t believe that adorable little baby is now an adorable almost 5 year old. How time flies…

A year ago today I flew to Haiti and picked up my new baby brother, F. It was such a whirlwind trip. I remember being SO exhausted, I had just flew to Haiti on 2.5 hours sleep and was waiting at the airport for someone to bring me a baby boy I had never seen, but was so excited to meet. After a few hours of waiting (and a few frantic phone calls to find out where she was) I saw Bin (the woman who escorting him to the airport) standing on the other side of the fence with this adorable, tiny baby boy. He was sucking his thumb so hard and his eyes were huge. He looked so scared! I reached over to him as she handed him over the fence. We spent a few minutes staring at each other (a few little tears from him) and I tried (without success) to make him smile. Bin started handing me his paperwork and a diaper bag full of bottles and diapers. I was trying desperately to balance everything, my suitcase, the bag, paperwork and him. I stood looking pretty lost for a few minutes trying to figure out how to get to the other side of the airport the quickest way, since our flight out of Haiti left in a few hours. Bin offered to drive us to the other side, so we piled into her car and went down to the other end of the airport.

After saying goodbye to Bin and Maggie, F. and I pushed our way into the security line at the front of the airport. I honestly don’t remember much about checking in, my back hurt, F. started fussing and I was hot. (I was still wearing a sweater from the plane, I don’t know why I didn’t take it off!) I just wanted to get through there as fast as possible so we could get into the waiting area and sit down. Apparently all of F’s paperwork was fine, they ushered us through quickly and we were finally sitting in the A/C. I had just sat down and looked at F. when I realized that he was smelly – really smelly. I decided to go change him before I did anything else. So up went all the bags and we marched into the dark and dingy bathroom. I layed F. on the counter and as I started to undress him he started to wail. I wound up giving him a semi-bath in the bathroom sink, he was not amused. I’m sure people thought I was torturing this poor baby. I finished up as quickly as possibly and then pulled an orphanage supplied bottle out of his diaper bag and went to put it in his mouth…duh, I had forgotten that the holes in the orphanage bottles are about as big around as my pointer finger so the formula went everywhere and splashed all down the front of him. He was gulping as fast as he could. I pulled the bottle out (he wailed) and decided to go back out and sit down where I could transfer the formula to one of the bottles I had brought. I did so quickly and he was soon sucking furiously on the new bottle. I couldn’t believe how fast he drank that bottle, it had to be some kind of record!

As soon as he was done with his bottle he started crying again. I tried to rock him but he didn’t really like it. He acted like he wanted down but I wasn’t going to put him down on the airport floor. He was coughing horribly and his chest was so congested it scared me. I pulled out the Baby Bjorn I brought and decided to try that….I put him in it and got up and started walking. He stopped crying immediately with that. A nice Canadian man offered to watch my bags while I walked around with F. so he wouldn’t cry. He soon fell asleep and I was able to sit down again. I was so tired!

The flight to the US was fairly uneventful. One young Haitian man had too much to drink and was asked to stop yelling in the aisle and talking to all the young women, but other than that everything went smoothly — F. slept for most of the flight. He woke up when we were in the Immigration room at Miami airport. Immigration was a long wait but went smoothly. They did accidently give him the wrong type of Visa but I didn’t catch it at that time. We were so long in immigration that I RAN (really RAN) through the airport to try to catch my next flight. F. was calm as a cucumber bouncing along in the Bjorn and seemed happy enough to just look around. The people at the security lines were NOT sympathetic that I was going to miss my flight and had me unload one of my bags and take off the baby bjorn to go through the line. When we finally got to the next gate I found out the flight was delayed…so, all that running to just sit and wait….and wait…and wait….. it was VERY delayed. It did give F. and I a chance to get to know each other a bit more. He was awake now, drank a big bottle, had a huge poopy diaper and was smiling. He seemed like such an easy going baby, I was thrilled. He was coughing like crazy though and people in the waiting area commented on how labored his breathing was…his chest was just heaving even when was just sitting there. Poor little thing.

We finally were able to get on our next flight and arrived at our home airport very late that night. My mom was there to meet us…it was so neat to actually put him in his own carseat in my moms car. I felt like we had waited so long and all the sudden it was happening. He was so happy and calm in his seat. He smiled and laughed…and coughed and rattled. My mom decided we should stop at the ER on the way home, she was very worried about his lungs and cough. So, about exactly one year ago now (1:35am as I am typing this) we were in the ER. He was a sick baby boy, but after Xrays and tests they said he could go home with some antibiotics and to watch him. So we took him home. My mom dropped me off at my house very early on the morning of January 1st 2006 and then she and F. went home to a mostly sleeping house.

F. has been such an easy going, fun baby since that day we brought him home. He has such a goofy personality and has people laughing a lot. He was so tiny when he arrived (his little arms and legs were like sticks!) but he has grown into a very big, strong boy. He and K. (age 4, home from Haiti in 2004) do love each other and get along pretty well most of the time. I love when she just spontaneously just runs up to him and grabs him around the waist and says “oh…my little baby brother….” . He just hugs tight too with a big grin on his face. He’s such a special little guy.

Anyway, just decided to share my thoughts and memories from that trip…and about his homecoming. I can’t believe its been a year…I’m including pictures, I hope they come through!

Happy New Years Everyone!

Leaving the orphanage for the last time:

In the car, on the way to the airport:

Walking to the car:

In the car on the way home:

At home! January 2006, 11 months old

January 2007, almost 2

January 2008, almost 3

January 2009, almost 4

January 2010, almost 5 year old pictures coming soon!  :)


One Comment to “Flashback: New Years Eve 2005”

  1. he is gorgeous and so precious! LOVE his smile! What a story!

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