Some good news!

I know I haven’t talked much on here about my parents current adoption.   They are adopting a very sweet, beautiful young lady from Haiti.  M. is 15 years old.  We have known her for many years, since she was eight years old.  She has always been very special to our family, but has only recently become available for adoption.   My parents started the process to adopt her as soon as they found out she needed a family.  We found out today that their file was approved by IBESR (Haitian Social Services).   The Haitian adoption process is LONG, but this is a very big step in the process – a big step in the right direction!   Their adoption facilitator said she thinks the process will take about another six months or so, but in current Haitian adoption timelines this is very fast.  We’re praying it goes quickly and M. can come home before her 16th birthday in September.  We can’t wait to have her here!!!!

M. and I last year when I was in Haiti. 


3 Comments to “Some good news!”

  1. That is so wonderful!!! I’m so thrilled for you family.

  2. oh yay salem! She is beautiful! Praying she gets to come home with your parents soon! :0)

  3. p.s. love your new header of pictures! beautiful!

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