We’re So Close

Hi everyone,

We had some exciting news today.  Our lawyer thinks we’ll be in Uganda soon.   We have a tentative court date, but it won’t be confirmed until early this coming week.   We may be travelling to get our boy soon…very, very soon!

We are THRILLED, as you can imagine, to be this close. 

Malachi turns 2 next week.  Since he will be over 2 when he comes home, we will have to purchase a seat for him on the plane.  This is an expense we didn’t budget for, and one we still haven’t found the money for.  We are about $1000 short.

I will not panic.  (I’ll say that 10x’s and be right back…)  :)

It is AMAZING how the money for this adoption has come together in such a short amount of time.  I have no doubt that God has something big coming and will provide what we need, when we need it.

If you are interested in helping us buy Malachi’s plane ticket you can check out some of the things I’m selling.

I am still selling our Every Child’s Right t-shirts.  These shirts are $22 and this cost includes shipping. 

You can go to our online “shop” here:  http://everychildsright.wordpress.com/

I am also going to be selling some of my prints online here:   http://sisterhaitishop.wordpress.com/
I haven’t got all the links to purchase up yet, but they should all be up tonight.

I will post next week as soon as we hear anything from our lawyer.  It is going to be a looooonngggg weekend.  :)


4 Comments to “We’re So Close”

  1. oh girl…i am SUPER excited for you! how exciting! Praying you get that $1000 raised up fast!

  2. i can’t wait for you to get on that plane and go tell malachi happy b-day!! and i can’t wait to see some pics from uganda…

  3. hey! Saw you have a password protected post up! Not for sure who you allow to see it, if you want us fellow uganda adoption bloggers to see, feel free to email me the password, if not its cool! :0)

  4. Thanks for your comment on our blog. I don’t know about the facebook group. I would LOVE to chat sometime with you since you are ahead of us in this process. How exciting that you get to bring your little one home soon. I will add your family to our family’s prayer list for sure! You can reach me at whitneywaechter@hotmail.com. Thanks!

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