We heard from our lawyer this morning. Our judge never came in to confirm our court date. He is going to try to get us a date for the week after next and hopefully it will be confirmed early next week. I have been too upset about Haiti things to be too upset about this, but it is frustrating.

We were able to get through today via phone to a good friend we’ve been waiting to hear from. He and his family made it out OK. We cried with relief. The connection is horrible and he’s supposed to call back when he can.

We continue to focus on all things Haiti around here. I’m sorry if I haven’t returned emails – I have been very distracted and busy.

MAT continues to plan a medical trip as soon as we are able. It may be a while before we are actually to go – there is a lot of work with logistics going on right now.

If you are a medical professional interested in helping in Haiti now, you can contact Angel Staffing at http://www.angelstaffing.net They are preparing a team of paid medical professionals to go to Haiti.

Thanks for praying.


2 Comments to “Update”

  1. Salem-so sorry about your court date! I know you were looking forward to getting confirmation. Maybe it is a mixed blessing in the end so that you can focus your time and efforts on Haiti and MAT right now when things are so chaotic. Praying peace for you, sweet Malachi and all of your Haitian friends/family!

  2. Sounds like your plate is very full right now! Praying!

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