Haiti Medical Team: Probably canceled. The facility we were working with had another team already in country come and ask to use their facilities. We still have several doctors available to help, so if you know any organizations that need them please let me know.

Haiti Adoption: My parents are waiting on pins and needles to hear if their new daughter got a visa today. She should be home soon. Please pray she can get here very quickly. The situation in Haiti is getting very desperate.

Friends in Haiti: All of our friends & family in Haiti are accounted except for Schniders family. We still haven’t heard anything. We are very worried about them and praying they are ok.

Our Ugandan Adoption: We heard nothing from our lawyer this week. I don’t know what that mean. I haven’t had time to be sad about it. I will post if he emails.


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  1. thanks girl for the updates! We met Kendra today and told her about you and how you helped us and referred us to them and she seemed happy to hear we knew you so she must have really liked you guys! It went really well! Next appointment in a month is our interviews! Praying for you and your family!

  2. Heartline is doing a clinic out of their women’s center. Check and see if they need more docs.

  3. Salem,
    Angel Mission is organizing medical personnel and contractors to come to Haiti. Package deal: $1600 includes flight, “lodging’ “food” – things will be primitive. http://www.angelmissionshaiti.blogspot.com/

  4. Salem, any word on M’s visa??

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