We are going to get our son!!!!!!

We just found out this morning that we have a court date scheduled for next week. We may be leaving TOMORROW!
I’m freaking out just a bit. Please pray for us. Pray for Malachi.

We are still a couple hundred dollars short for our adoption money. If you want to help you can purchase a t-shirt here:
http://www.everychildsright.wordpress.com and I will get them shipped when we get home. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

More soon!


7 Comments to “WOOO HOOOO!!!”

  1. Thank God! We’ll be saying extra prayers for your safe trip and return! I sent you personal email with a contact in Haiti who’s a missionary.

    We can’t wait to meet our new cousin! Especially Maria!

    Take care and hang in there!

    Your cousins

  2. oh salem! I am SO SO SO excited for you guys…praising the Lord this morning for this great news! Will you be able to update us while your there? Be safe and have fun meeting your son! Oh what a day that will be! Take it all in! :0)

  3. Salem,

    Congratulations MAMA!! So, so, SO happy for you!!

    Can you email me your mailing address? xoxo

  4. congrats. This is so wonderful We will be looking forward to following your adventure while in Uganda. and seeing more photos of your beautiful boy.

  5. Congratulations my friend! Praising God with you!! Go bring that beautiful boy home!!

  6. Salem, I am SO SO SO happy for you guys..please, before you leave update us on M?? Does she get to come home?? or do you know yet?

  7. Salem, I can’t wait for you to get to be a Mama to someone who stays forever! So happy with you right now(:

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