At the airport

We are at the airport waiting for our first flight… What a whirlwind this has been!

Next time you I post we will be in Uganda! Yay!


6 Comments to “At the airport”

  1. do you hear me screaming with excitement? :0) my husband and I are praying for you guys!

  2. Safe trip kiss him once from great aunt Marsha
    may God watch over you and bless you.I will pray for a quick return for 3 loved ones.My prayers are also for all in Haiti.

  3. tears of joy for you, salem, keith, and malachi!!!!! God bless you in your journey, and know that there are many people cheering you on all over the world!!

  4. Prayers are soaring for you and Keith and Malachi.
    We can’t wait to meet him. Aunt Roberta in Florida sends her love as well as Uncle Jerry and Aunt Sharon in South Carolina, Aunt Shelby in Parkersburg and Aunt Wilma in Ohio… I’ve been spreading the wonderful news! Have a safe trip and be sure to have lots of Cheerios for the little guy!

  5. I am so excited for you guys! Safe travels and easy processes. You’ll be fine I know it!

    Hopefully you will have a chance to see our little one!

  6. Wahoo!! Can’t wait to hear more about your journey!! Praying for your travels and meeting Malachi!!

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