Meeting Malachi

Day 5 – Tuesday – Meeting Malachi today

It is 10am. We just heard from our lawyer – Malachi will be here between 2 and 3pm! We have a meeting with our lawyer at 11:30am. He said he’ll call us when he gets here. I’m so nervous!

Well – its 12:15am. No sign of our lawyer yet. Time moves differently here. :) Keith is napping (he didn’t go to sleep until 530am and was up at 9am – yuck) and I’ve been sitting here playing solitaire. I am scared that I forgot some important paper that we need or something. I think I’ll look over our paperwork again.

Almost 1pm. Still no lawyer.

3:30pm – Our lawyer is here!

Meeting went well. There is some concern that our judge has been sick and may not show up for court. We’re hoping she feels well and everything goes smoothly on Thursday!

We have Malachi! Mid-meeting our lawyers phone rings. He says Sister and the baby are here! AHHHH!!! We are so nervous! Keith gets the video camera ready and our lawyer goes out to greet them. We see Sister walk in with no baby in her arms. I peer behind her and see another Auntie carrying our sweet boy. He is adorable. He looks tired. He is so much smaller than we imagined. We hug Sister and greet our little guy. He is wary of us and clings to his Auntie (caregiver from the orphanage). We pull out a couple of toys and try to entice him. He’s not interested in the stuffed dog but the toy truck he grabs. We talk to him for several minutes. I reach out for him and he pulls away. We decide to sit and chat for a while. Sister hold him while we are chatting. The lawyer and his assistant encourage me to try to hold him again. I go over and pick him up. He isn’t exactly happy but I pull a bag of toddler snacks out of my bag and he forgets all about the fact that I’m not his Auntie. He sat with me as everyone ate. When it was finally time to go to our room, Sister came up with us to help get him adjusted to the new surroundings. She stayed until about 530pm or so, then was able to sneak out while I had him distracted. He has done fine since she left.

What a sweetie this little guy is! He was very shy and quiet at first but as the evening progressed we started seeing more and more of his personality. They call him Mayor at the home so that’s what we’ve been calling him for the time being. He is just so sweet. He has the cutest little smile and those chubby cheeks! He is very heavy and solid. He has been playing trucks with us – repeating after us and saying “Voom Voom” as we push the trucks around. He walks well. He has been repeating a lot of what we say and whispers and talks to himself. He’s said a few things to us that we haven’t understood, so he definitely has some words. We found out he loves balls. He and Keith spent a long time bouncing a toddler size basketball back and forth. We tried feeding him a couple of different things – a rice and beans type meal was promptly spit back out. I tried a beef and potato type soup and he ate almost the entire thing. I was so glad that Amy told me what kind of sippy cups they use, he took right to the one we brought from home. Sister said it was exactly like the one he had at the orphanage – even the same color. :) Keith ran out to the store to get a potty – we found out that while he is still in diapers -he poops in the potty twice a day! No poop for us this evening but we’ll try again in the morning. After sitting on the potty we got jammies on. Sister said he hadn’t napped ALL DAY so he was very tired. We kissed him and laid him down in his pack n play like Sister said he usually goes to sleep. He didn’t cry or fuss at all. He moved around for a bit, then I went and patted his back a few times and he fell right asleep about 7:30pm. Hopefully he’ll sleep all night.

We are so thrilled he’s here with us. We were so nervous/excited all day we forgot to eat! It is eight PM and we’re just walking around in our room figuring out what to eat. Can’t wait to spend the day with him tomorrow getting to know him. Sister is coming back in the morning to have breakfast with us and see how he is doing.


13 Responses to “Meeting Malachi”

  1. So excited for you guys! I can’t wait to hear more. Congratulations. Also I will continue to pray for your court date and that the judge will show.

  2. how wonderful that sounds loving hands on his back good food play time and all.not sure the chill bumps will leave my body. prayers for a speedy court time hope the judge gets well. love ya

  3. Reading your blog, I’ve just had a flood of memories of when we met our daughters for the first time in Guatemala! What joy you both are having! We’re sending a big cyberhug for you! Be sure to learn a few of his favorite words – I love you, Daddy, Mommy, I want, etc. You will have SO much fun! See what he thinks when he looks at himself in the mirror! Godspeed on the court hearing! It’ll be a breeze…and make sure those bills are crisp! HA!

  4. praying the judge feels perfect and comes to court as scheduled! just waiting for this post to open my eyes started welling up. I am just so thrilled for you guys, I know how long you’ve waited for this moment!

  5. Oh Salem, so happy for you guys!! glad to hear the transition has been smooth so far — I can’t wait to see photos of him smiling, he’s so cute!!!
    praying for a smooth court process for you, and for continued peace in Malachi’s heart.
    much love,

  6. Such a beautiful family . . . three is a perfect number, until you have four ;0)
    Can’t wait to introduce our boys . . .

  7. Praying the judge would be well and sweet boy would continue to transition well!

  8. This post totally made me cry! I am so very happy for you! Praying for an easy bonding with your son, and for the judge to not only show up to court but to decide in your favor.

  9. So glad to hear you have your sweet boy! Praying for your time together and that court happens quickly and smoothly.

  10. oh how incredibly exciting! cannot wait to see pics! praying your judge feels better!

  11. Awww guys. Enjoy these first moments together as a family. You are making memories to last your lifetime.

  12. Try rice without the beans and maybe a bit of “sauce” (wet gravy- broth from the stew would work). Also, sweet potatoes might work, or little chunks of meat. And, so gross, but warm milk poured over bread.
    Glad he liked the sippy! And you are lucky he will go in the toilet!
    We are praying all goes well and another Ibanda baby comes home SOON.


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