Day 14

Day 14

Up bright and early this morning (7am) to be out the door by 730am. We have to be at our lawyers office by 8am to pick up our written court order and take it to the Minister of Gender. Off we go!

Well, we’re back at the hotel – its about 930am. We made it to our lawyers office about a quarter to eight. He wasn’t in yet, but his secretary was there and she was getting our paperwork together for us to take to the MoG. We waited for a bit, then we all (she came with us) headed over to the MoG office. We were able to meet with the Commissioner very briefly. He said he had to go to a meeting and asked if we could come back at 3pm. So we just came back to the hotel to eat lunch (we actually just went up and had the breakfast buffet since it was still going!) and put Mayer down for his nap. Our driver will come pick us up again at 145pm so we can stop and pick up some papers at the lawyers office then head back over to the MoG.

Oh boy. Things didn’t go as planned at the MoG. The Commissioner is VERY nice. We actually got there about 230pm, our meeting wasnt until 3pm but when they saw us out there waiting they ushered us in early. Sister was going to attend with us, but she hadn’t even made it there yet. We got in and he said that he had just come from a meeting with the US Embassy and there were some problems. I guess the Embassy does not like the way the Ugandan government is issuing Legal Guardianship orders instead of full adoption decrees. The Commissioner said he wants us to talk to the Embassy before he writes us a letter so that we can be sure that they will even grant us a visa. We called our lawyer after we left and he said we will all try to go to the Embassy tomorrow and see what they say. Other families have been getting visas without a problem, so I’m not sure what the deal is – unless at this meeting they announced they want to do things differently. Our lawyer says even if they do decide to change things, they should still give us a visa since we were in the country and through most of the process before any changes were made to the program. Always a little drama! Our lawyer is planing to pick us up at 9am so we can head to the Embassy together and see what is going on. As soon as we get clarification from the Embassy we’ll head back to the MoG and try to get our letter again for the passport. We’re also still waiting on our “long ruling” from the judge. Our lawyer doesn’t want to push for it too hard and upset the judge, so we’ll just be waiting patiently for it. I was hoping we’d have it by the end of the week, but it may not be until next week. We’ll just keep praying everything goes smoothly and quickly.

Mayer was great today. We had one small meltdown (don’t even remember what it was about?) but he got over it quickly. He went down for his nap/bed very quickly and easily today. We had a lot of fun playing. He was an angel the whole time we were out and about – sitting and playing quietly while we were in office buildings. I was holding him the whole time we were with Sister and he didn’t reach for her or fuss once. He’s a celebrity here at the hotel – all the staff know him by name now and greet him. He is quite shy with strangers and will hide his face in our shoulder or cover his face with his hands if a stranger is talking to him. He had a blast playing with bubbles today on the balcony – he was squealing and laughing while popping them with his hands. We ordered Chinese food in for dinner and he at about half of my meal. One of the women at the front desk said today “Mayer is getting fatter every time I see him!” LOL. I think he’s about the same, but he is one chubby kid!
Hope everything works out OK at the Embassy tomorrow and we can get our letter from the Commissioner. I’d like to get started on the passport!


4 Comments to “Day 14”

  1. oh dear. praying this all works out favorably for all of us…

  2. Salem, if you haven’t already done so, it seems like you might want to contact the embassy ASAP. Someone else adopting from Uganda posted today that the embassy is saying no more visas. They won’t accept the guardianship anymore and want specific wording in the adoption decree. I am hoping/praying that this is incorrect!

  3. Anita, it is incorrect! :) from what I gather, the embassy is just looking for specific wording *in the legal guardianship decrees* that the kids are allowed to be adopted in the US.

  4. praying for you and your new son – praying hard!

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