Day 16 – Update

Day 16 (Friday)

Mayer slept in a bit this morning. We got up about 730am and got moving. Our lawyer wasn’t able to see our judge yesterday because she left court early. He said he would try again today. Our plan for today was to head back to the Minister of Gender office and try to see the Commissioner again about getting the letter we need to apply for passports. I’m still feeling confident that the wording on our ruling will get changed and everything will work out OK, so that is why we’re still pushing for the passport as quickly as possible.

We ate a quick breakfast in our room and then headed out to the MoG office. (For those keeping track, every taxi ride from our hotel into downtown is usually about 10,000 UGX or $5 USD each way) We got to the MoG office about 9am and went right up. We quickly spoke to his secretary who informed us that the Commissioner was out of town for the weekend and wouldn’t be back until Monday. We were a bit disappointed but there wasn’t anything we could do, so we went headed back downstairs and got a taxi back to the hotel. We got there in time to go upstairs and have a good late breakfast (brunch for us). We’re trying not to pass up free food while we’re here! :)

We spoke to our lawyer while we were eating and he said that he was still planning to go in to see the judge this morning and try to get the wording on our ruling changed. I’m REALLY hoping this works and we’ll have news soon that we can pick up a complete ruling that meets Embassy requirements this coming week. If we can get our ruling this coming week and get our passport this coming week or early the week after (Monday or Tuesday) we may still be able to make it out on our original flight Thursday the 18th . If not, we’re going to be here longer than planned. We DO NOT have the money for that. Please pray that everything comes together in the next week and a half.

A LOT of people have been emailing me – I’m sorry I can’t read all of them or reply to everyone right now. We have very limited Internet time. If you really need to get a hold of me you can text our Ugandan phone at 078 560 5492

I will be sure to post as soon as we know anything.


4 Comments to “Day 16 – Update”

  1. will be praying for all the things you need to happen to um, happen…

  2. love the pics you posted! praying!

  3. Praying for you guys! Can you share what kind of phone/plan you are using while you are there? Just curious.

  4. praying this for you too Salem: “Sing, O Daughter of Zion…be glad and rejoice with all your heart…Do not fear, do not let your hands hang limp. The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love.” Zeph 3:14-17

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