Day 21 (Wednesday)

We bought an iron today! No more mango fly eggs. (I hope!). I guess if you iron your clothes after they hang out to dry it will kill the larvae. Sounds good to me!
After Mayers nap we wanted to go see the B…(uhhh can’t remember the name) Tombs. It is a famous historical site here in Kampala. We couldn’t find a driver to take us for less than 30,000 UGX each way – we weren’t prepared to spend $30 USD just on transportation today, so we decided not to go. I’ll see if we can find someone cheaper tomorrow. We had some groceries we had to get so we decided to go to Nakumatt, a large store here. Sort of like Target or Walmart (not as big, but similar). We were able to find everything we needed and then some. I totally prefer this store over Uchumi (sp?) or Game. The prices seemed comparable, it was clean, not crowded, had a lot more familiar brands than the other stores (Heinz Ketchup!) and a great looking bakery with lots of yummy looking desserts. (thanks Nadia for the tip on spelling!). We found a book store in the same shopping plaza and decided to look around. We couldn’t believe it when we found an English-Runyankore dictionary! Runyankore is the language spoken in Ibanda and Sister told us that they didn’t have any books or anything out so we were really excited to find it. We started trying out some words on Mayer and he knew exactly what we were saying (dog, car, etc). It was fun. We’re excited to be able to communicate with him a little more. I’ve been working on getting him to sign things like “more” “eat”. When he wants something he won’t ask for it, he just points and whines. And when he wants something to eat he will just open his mouth wide and look at it, won’t ask for it or point to it. It’s not just us, he does it with Sister too – so I think he just hasn’t had to talk to get things. He talks all the time otherwise (in his native language and in baby talk) just not when you want him too!
Anyway – back to today. After the store and the bookstore we headed upstairs to the “food court”. This place seems pretty new so there were only three restaurants actually open. An Indian place, a Middle Eastern place (I think they were Lebanese) and a Mexican place. I had chicken from the middle eastern restaurant (they have hummus, falafel, etc which I usually love but I wasn’t sure how my stomach would handle it today so I played it safe) and Keith had Mexican fajitas. Mayer had a bit of everything but LOVED Keith’s refried beans. I’m sure we’ll be sorry tomorrow – he ate almost an entire bowl!
After we got back to the hotel we decided to play outside for a while. It was a BEAUTIFUL evening here, warm but with a strong, cool breeze. We played ball in one of the grassy areas here for quite some time. We had quite the audience of people standing on their balcony’s watching us for the entire hour or so but we are sort of getting used to it. I’m still not used to the weird/rude comments (“hey – why doesn’t your baby look like you?! “was there a mix up at the hospital?”) but we’re just going with the flow. Smile and nod a lot.
Bedtime and naptime are becoming a breeze here (thank God!). We’re starting to get a routine down and he seems to know what to expect each afternoon/evening. It really helps to keep that consistent routine every evening.

Tomorrow I’m planning to go to Sanyu Babies Home for a visit while Keith and Mayer nap. I’ll probably take a boda boda over about 11 and hopefully be back shortly after he gets up for his nap. Not sure if we’ll make it to the tombs tomorrow afternoon – we’ll have to see how things work out.

An important meeting is happening tomorrow between one of the lawyers and other officials involved with the process here. We’re still praying for a QUICK resolution to the paperwork problems or else notice that the US government will let us go with our original documents. We can’t really do much but sit and wait at this point. Well, that and pray! :)


10 Comments to “Day 21 (Wednesday)”

  1. Praying for answers and the RIGHT ones asap!!! Love the pictures… especially the family pic. Made me cry! Can’t wait till you all get home!

  2. again..SO STINKIN’ CUTE! LOVE the first one, he looks so handsome, and the pic of all 3 of you together!! praying for a good outcome from tomorrow’s meeting!!!


  4. WOW what great pictures!!!!!!I see much love and happiness in them.Praying for a quick resolution to the paper work. Hugs and Kisses to all.

  5. He really is too cute. Great pictures!

    Praying for a quick resolution for you.

    Things changed with our referral so back into the mix of things again.

    • Oops change again, referral is good. If you do have a chance, her height and foot size in inches would be most appreciated if you see her.

      Have a safe trip there.

  6. thanks so much for the update girl! We are PRAYING! LOVE the pictures…you all look SO happy! so glad you figured out your laundry problem!

  7. Love the pictures!!! He is so darn adorable, and the family pic made my day!!! Praying for a positive resolution to the paperwork.

  8. Love the family pic! He’s a cutie… and we’re all praying for a quick resolution. Stay strong!

  9. OH MY CUTENESS!!!!!!!!! Praying for you all to GET HOME!!!!!

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