Day 23 (Friday)

Three weeks ago today we got the news that we had a court date and would be leaving for Uganda in less than 24 hours. It seems SO LONG ago.

We had a good day today. We went to the craft market with Keltie & crew. Got a ton of stuff – really cheap. Nice gifts for people, stuff for our house, stuff for Mayer, etc. Keith got chapati for lunch – yumm. Food here has been pretty good – Keith has been missing good old fashion McDonalds but he’ll survive. :) We had Chinese last night (eating a lot of Chinese here – its cheap and good) for dinner. Tonight we had veggie noodles, samosas, & garlic naan bread. Yumm. After the market we hung out at the pool with everyone chatting until Mayer started to meltdown. He wanted both his straw and Jeremiah’s (Keltie’s sons) straw. Threw a fit when I wouldn’t let him take the other kids straw. So we headed up stairs.

Met with our lawyer today too.. Mayer’s passport is being processed and should be ready early next week. He tried to meet with the judge today to check on the status of things but wasn’t able to see her. He was told that our ruling should be done soon. I have no clue if it is going to include the words we need for the US Embassy to give Mayer a visa. Our lawyer is going to try to meet with her again on Monday and see how things are progressing. Things work so slowly and differently here.

Not sure the plan for tomorrow yet.

Keith’s first African haircut:

At the market:


3 Comments to “Day 23 (Friday)”

  1. oh that market looks so interesting! How did keith like his haircut? Hoping your ruling includes the new wording! praying!

  2. Kinda reminds me of the market in Haiti.

  3. Hey!

    Thanks for letting me in. It’s lovely to see the pictures and know that Keltie is spending good time with other people.


    PS. How is she doing? Yes, I’m checking up on her….

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