Day 25 (Sunday)

Haven’t had an exciting weekend. Just hanging out with Mayer. We went to the grocery store yesterday (Nakumatt) and ate lunch at the mall. Found a yummy pizza place. It had EXCELLENT pizza and sandwiches. Best we’ve had in Uganda. Mayer rode in the grocery cart for the first time. He took some real coaxing but once he was in he seemed to like it. We bribed him with a lollipop. :) It has been HOT here this weekend. Crazy hot. Even the Ugandans are complaining.
Today, Mayer signed “more” on his own with no coaxing. We were excited. He also started signing and doing the hand motions to “twinkle twinkle”. Oh my gosh – it is cute. Sometimes when he is singing he closes his eyes really tight, makes this serious face and holds his hands up like he’s praying. The orphanage said the kids like to watch Christian Worship videos. You can tell he’s seen a few. :)
He was a bit off today – he woke up at 3am ready to start the day. Needless to say, we weren’t. Finally got him back to sleep around 4:30-5am. Not sure what time we dozed back off. It was a rough start to the morning. He didn’t act like he felt great all day – just generally fussy and whiny. Felt around his mouth and felt some molars coming in – so I bet that is it. We got him some tylenol and it seemed to help. He threw a doozy of a fit at the restaurant during lunch. I finally took him to the room until he calmed down. He seemed better this evening and just finally fell asleep. Hopefully he’ll sleep all night tonight!
Tomorrow our lawyer is meeting with our judge to check on the status of our ruling. So I hope we’ll know something tomorrow evening – even if it is just that she is still working on it. We’re supposed to have our passport on Tuesday. We also have plans on Tuesday to go visit an orphan care program in a rural village outside the city. Keltie & crew may go with us. If, by a miracle of God, we had our completed ruling and passport by Wednesday we’ll try to have a visa appt. that day. I’m not holding my breath, but anything is possible! If our stuff doesn’t come together we’ll be changing our plane tickets on Wednesday as well – we’re supposed to leave Friday so we’ll probably but it up another week. Can’t wait to get this little guy home!


5 Comments to “Day 25 (Sunday)”

  1. praying for a miracle for you guys!! and for all of us, really!!

  2. continuing to pray…LOVE how he closes his eyes and looks like he is worshiping/praying when he sings…so sweet!


  4. Really praying for you guys to hit your target flight. Hopefully everything will come together. Praying Mayer is doing well too.

  5. Still praying for you all! Hope the meeting tomorrow goes well and you get some good news!!

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