Day 27 (Tuesday)

Day 27 (Tuesday)

Wow. What a day!

This morning I took a Boda Boda over to our lawyers office to meet with his before he left with Kenya and check on the status of our file. We have no news to report but things may be looking up here and we’re all hopeful that our ruling will get written with the correct wording in the next week or so. Supposedly our judge is “actively working” on our ruling. We were supposed to have a passport today, but I’m not sure if it was ready or not – no one called. I just asked Keith to text our lawyer and see what is going on with that.

After Mayer’s nap Keltie & crew came to pick us up and we headed to an orphanage I had been corresponding with over email for a while. I knew NOTHING about the orphanage, only that they had a bunch of kids and they really needed a lot of help. It was a bit of an adventure actually getting to the orphanage, but we finally made it. It is VERY poor with a LOT of kids. There were almost 80 while we were there. It was in bad shape. We spent some time with the kids, got a tour and then some of the kids sang and danced for us. Many of the kids come from the streets. The ages run from infant to young teen. Only about 40 of the kids actually live at the orphanage (which is so bad it should have zero children in it) and the rest are poor kids who come in to eat once a day and the place acts as a type of daycare. When I say the place is very poor – I’m talking, nothing in the US could even come close to comparing. It’s bad. There are almost 80 kids in the place. They have one “mamma” that lives with them. ONE. Two young guys started and run the orphanage. You want to help, I really do. The problem is knowing if anything you give actually goes to the kids, and doesn’t get taken to line the pockets of the adults. It is a hard situation in a place like this. We’re praying about what we can do. I won’t forget those kids. They were SO excited to see us and so desperate for attention. They were filthy, skinny and had all kinds of fungal infections on their heads. Many of their eyes were very yellow and teeth rotten. Several were quite sick and sad. They were THRILLED with the two soccer balls Keltie brought. You should have heard the cheer that erupted from 70+ kids when they were handed two small soccer balls. It really puts our own lives into perspective. We are so spoiled. No child should have to live like this.

After the orphanage we headed to the home where Keltie & crew are staying. We had dinner and a great time hanging out together for a while. It was nice to again get out of the city and always great to spend time with those guys. We have a lot of fun together and it is so nice having them here going through all this with us!

We got back “home” about 8pm, quickly got Mayer a bath and into bed. We’re all exhausted. I’m trying to get some pictures to upload we took today. I can’t edit any of them here so they won’t be great but you can see some of the precious little ones we spent time with today.

Can’t get this little girls face out of my mind…

Beautiful kids…

One of the girls bedrooms. Currently 3 girls per bed.

I could have scooped this little guy up and taken him home!

Their indoor kitchen area.

This little sweetie was sick…

Oh…my heart….

Keltie handing out soccer balls…


3 Comments to “Day 27 (Tuesday)”

  1. tears in my eyes and heart breaking as I read this…i feel so awful living the way I do when so many like these precious children live like this…3 to a bed…that breaks my precious heart! Lord willing if we get to go to uganda and adopt, I would love to stop there! I’ll have to get the info from you! I would love to bring the children whatever I can! I wish I could do more right now! glad to hear you might get your ruling next week or so! Praying all these things turn around for the good for all of you there and all of us waiting to go over!

  2. Oh my tears.
    The children are so beautiful.


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