3 weeks with Mayer

Mayer – 3 weeks
Mayer/Malachi has been with us for 3 weeks now. He has changed so much in those three weeks! One of the good things that has resulted of us being stuck here is it has given us a lot of bonding time between the three of us. Mayer has become such a sweet and silly little guy. He likes to make us laugh with his funny faces and has the greatest deep belly laugh. He loves to eat, but we’re seeing him become a bit more picky. At first he’d anything and everything but now he’s starting to refuse certain things. One that surprised us was rice, because we were told they eat rice almost everyday at the orphanage, but maybe that is why he is saying no to it now. He also won’t eat chicken. He loves the chicken sandwiches here at the hotel (sort of like a hot chicken salad with lots of veggies) but he spits the chicken out of every bite. He still loves his “piira” or ball in Runyankore . Everyday we hear “piira ajenda” (forgive my phonetic spelling of his Runyankore words – I have no clue how to spell them) which means “the ball went away” when it rolls under something and he can’t get to it. He also says “embwa” which means dog. “boda” which is a motorcycle taxi, “bahboo” which is a bus, “motoka” which is a car, “coco” which is chicken. He is also saying baby, uh-oh, hello, bye bye and has just started saying more. He says mommy and daddy a lot now. He signs more now on his own and we’ll be working on please and thank you next. Keith is daddy more often then uncle now, though we still hear uncle sometimes. He talks a lot to himself in Runyankore but despite our dictionary and our best efforts we can’t make it out. It may just be baby talk. He is giving lots of kisses now and often comes up to you spontaneously with little puckered lips for a big “mmmmwah!” kiss. He is sleeping well though it is so noisy here in the afternoons so his naps have been cut short several days in a row.
He seems to be getting his 2 year old molars and has been a bit fussier than normal this week. He feels much better after some Tylenol.
His attachment to me is getting better and better. He definitely seems to recognize us as his primary caregivers now. He went to Sister when she reached for him last time we saw her, but was happy to go with us when it was time to go. When people at the hotel or orphanages reach for him he pulls away and clings to us. He has what I would consider appropriate stranger anxiety for a 2 year old so that makes me happy and encouraged by his attachment. He’s starting to get more attached to his blankie that Auntie Chelsey made for him, and is right now sitting beside me rubbing it on his face and sucking his fingers. :) He doesn’t seem to prefer one of us over the other at this point – sometimes he prefers me, sometimes he prefers Keith.
The tantrums have been about the same frequency as before, some days we have several, somedays one or two. He gets over them quickly when he realizes we aren’t giving in to what he wants. He usually only throws these fits when he wants sometime he can’t have. He’s 2 so I know this is normal. He was also quite spoiled before we got him so it will take some time to figure it all out. He doesn’t like sharing with other kids (at all) and yesterday at Keltie’s house we had some meltdowns over toys. He didn’t want to share with Jeremiah and Jeremiah didn’t want to share with him. Big screaming, can’t console him meltdowns. He was finally distracted by food. He also saw Dora the Explorer at their house last night for the first time. He loved it. He was excited, laughing, etc.
He loves to go bye bye and gets excited when it is time for us to go. He rides well in the car but I have a feeling the car seat is not going to be a fun experience when we get home. He loves to carry something with him, his cup, a toy, the room key, etc. Just something to hold onto.
His health has been great and he’s obviously a very healthy little guy. He has a spot of ringworm on his head that anti fungal cream hasn’t taken care of yet, so we may have to try something stronger when we get home. He does have a large, hard bump under the skin on one of his legs. I’m not sure if it is a cyst or what? We’ll get it checked out when he gets home. I think he’s gotten taller since we’ve been here, it seems like his pants are a tiny bit shorter. He’s getting familiar with getting his teeth brushed in the evening and loves his bath.
He has the cutest little fat rolls on his legs, these massively chubby cheeks and these pudgy little fingers. He’s a bit short for his age. He isn’t fat, but he’s chubby and solid! He weighs 33lbs. He is wearing size 18-24 month and 2T clothes and size 7 shoe.
I think as far as adjustment and attachment things are going really well. He is such a sweet little guy and we’re just loving all the cuddling, hugs and kisses we’re getting now. Can’t wait to get him home to meet our families!


8 Comments to “3 weeks with Mayer”

  1. Great to hear things are going so well.

    Hopefully the paperwork will start going as well too so he can get home to meet your family SOON!

  2. LOVE the update….so blad he’s bonding more and more! He sounds so adorable!

  3. Sounds great with the bonding I am so happy with that for sure.now if just the paper work would be as forthcoming.Anxious to see that sweet bundle of joy,just have to take stuff in due time I guess.love kisses hugs and prayers for all of you.The pics at the other place were heart breaking for sure.

  4. so glad to hear things are going so well for you guys!! now if you could just get home, things would be perfect!! as always, you’re in our thoughts and prayers…
    many hugs!


  6. Love the update! With all the details, I can picture everything:) Mayer weighs the same as my guy…solid chunk of love!!

  7. T says ibaboo too! Although he used it for cars an buses. So cute! I can’t believe how big M. is, and am SO SO happy to hear that the bonding is going well.

  8. Sounds like you are all doing well and starting to settle in. Mayer sounds like he’s full of personality! :)Praying the paperwork gets straightened up soon!

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