Day 29 – Thursday

Today we went to Jinja. It was very hot today. I forgot sunscreen. Not good. I am soooo red and it hurts. We were packed into the SUV like sardines. It was super hot. Keltie’s little boy wasn’t having the best day and cried a lot of the trip. Did I mention it was really hot? :)

We decided to go to Bujagali Falls first. We had to stop and ask for directions a couple of times but we found it. It is on a bumpy, dusty, red dirt road. We had to roll our windows up for part of the way because the dust was so thick. When we arrived we were able to walk right down to the Nile River and got to stick our feet in! That was fun. There weren’t too many other people there and were free to explore. Someone from our party peed in the river – I’m not telling who but no it was not a child. :) Public toilets aren’t easy to find in Uganda!

We saw some rafts/kayaks going through the rapids while we stood and watched, that was kinda fun. Said hi to a few of the kayakers (how do you spell that word?) who were stopped by the rivers edge waiting for the rest of their party. They looked like they were having fun. It was so hot a few of us were tempted to jump in and join them but I decided it probably wasn’t the best idea with Mayer strapped to my back in his Ergo. :) We got our pictures, explored a bit and then decided to head into Jinja for lunch and to see the Source of the Nile.

Jinja is such a nice little town – especially compared to Kampala! I’m not crazy about the city…but I’m not really a big city type person. Jinja seems pretty relaxed. We had lunch at the Source Cafe. Pretty good and reasonably priced. They had a public toilet (yay!) and Keith was perplexed by the pit toilet – he had never seen one (hole in the ground – you stand or squat over it). After lunch we explored some craft shops. Got a few more gifts for people at home. Several kids on the street saw I had my camera out and wanted their pictures taken. I love seeing all the kids in uniforms headed home from school – they are so cute. We were soooo hot and these kids had sweaters on over their uniforms! I couldn’t believe it.
We headed out to find the Source of the Nile. It costs 10,000 shillings for Mzungu’s (white people) and 1,000 shillings for Ugandans. I couldn’t believe it. But – we paid our fee and got in. It isn’t really exciting, but it a nice thing to see and do if you’re going to be there…like the equator, how many times are you going to be able to say you saw the source of the Nile River? There were some other tourists there that got a boat ride down the Nile. You look to your left and see Lake Victoria and then it feeds right into the Nile River on your right. There are a couple of little shops where you can buy crafts and things. A nice lady was selling roasted peanuts, soy nuts and roasted maize (I think?). She lets you taste them. Keltie got some soy nuts. While we were standing in front of the nut stand a group of Middle Eastern men (one in full sheik like garb) started talking loudly and pointing at us. They seemed very excited to see us and came up to talk. They talked to the kids and asked about adoption. They asked where we were from and we told them Canada and the US. One of the guys asks us where in the US. When we told him Ohio he got excited and said he has a friend that lives in Ohio and it turns out the guy lives in our (small) town! How weird is that! Who would ever think that in Uganda we’d meet a guy who knows a guy that lives in our town? Too strange. Definitely a “it’s a small world after all” moment.

We were exhausted and HOT after we left the Nile so we decided to head back to Kampala. On the way back we stopped so Christal could touch the rain forest and get her picture taken. She has a thing for rain forest’s. We were hoping to see some monkeys but none were out by the road today. The road from Kampala to Jinja drives right through a rain forest and it is beautiful and was a bit cooler than other parts of the drive.

I’m too exhausted to go into anymore detail though it was an eventful trip, but I’ll try to write more later. Will try to upload some pictures.


3 Comments to “Day 29 – Thursday”

  1. sounds like a very hot but GOOD day! I cannot wait to see those things ! :0) Get some rest! :0)


  3. I spent 6 weeks in Jinja..I should have told you there was a little “something” I needed you to bring me home from there :). But, I don’t want you to get arrested :). Praying for your release

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