Day 31 (Saturday)

Always an adventure! Today while Keith and Mayer hung out at the hotel I headed out with Keltie to do some shopping for the orphanage we are trying to help. First on our list was mosquito netting for the kids beds. We needed more than 30 nets. I asked around and it seems the best place to buy them was downtown at this place called Kikubo. Several Ugandans asked if we were sure we were up for it. We had never been to this part of town before. As we drove in the swarms and masses of people filled the roads. Store after store, shop after shop lined the streets. Thousands of people milled around while cars, busses, boda-bodas, and bicycles wound their way through the muddy streets. I had never seen anything like it. We didn’t see one other Muzungu. It was obvious not many Muzungu come here – people stared, pointed and were talking about us. We pushed our way through the crowds and mud looking for a store that sells nets. We found one and the young Ugandan lady that was with us started to negotiate. We were able to get 35 bed nets for 4,000 shillings each! That is about $2.50 USD per net. Yippee! We realized that because of the generosity of many of you, we were going to be able to purchase food for the children too. We set out up the street looking for someone that sells rice. We did some looking and negotiating and found someone willing to sell us 50,000 kilograms of rice for 100,000 shillings (about $50 USD). We told the shopkeeper we’d be back, as we wanted to pick up the rice last so it could be carried right to the store. We set off in search of hair – Keltie wanted to take some hair for extensions back to Canada with her for her daughter. Keltie made the ladies at the hair store pretty happy with all the hair and beads she purchased! Then it was back to the net store and rice store to gather our purchases, make our way back to the car and get everything loaded up. It doesn’t sound like much but it took us several hours to do all this!
Once we got back to the car we said goodbye to the Ugandan ladies that came with Keltie as they were off to do other things in the city. We realized we were quite thirsty so I ran into a gas station for some drinks. We had to sit in the car to drink our sodas because the store wants their bottles back. We dropped off the bottles and Fred (the driver) went to start the car. Battery was dead. Some people cam e over and tried to help get the car started, about half an hour into trying different things under the hood someone decided to jump the car (which I had suggested first thing, but no one listened to me!). We paid some guy 20,000 shillings to jump our car. Just the way it works here.
We were finally back on the move and crept our way down the street through the masses of people trying to get to another market area next door to buy beans and oil. It had rained all morning so the streets were crazy muddy. Like several inches deep of think, red mud. The streets were crazy and it took us a long time to slowly (like I could hop on one foot down the road faster than we were moving) make our way over to the next market. We finally found a place that sells beans and Fred pulled over so Keltie and I could hop out and try to buy some beans. We walked up to the stalls with the beans. There were probably 50 different pairs of eyes on us at this point…all seemed surprised to see these two mzungu women climbing the muddy hill and shopping for beans. We negotiated with one of the shopkeepers and was able to get 50 kilograms of beans for 60,000 shillings (about $30 USD). Yay! Rice and beans for the children! We paid the man, another man hoisted our enormous bag of beans onto his back and we made our way back down the muddy embankment, across the street to the car.
After knocking as much mud as possible off our feet we loaded up and headed home. All of this took about four hours to accomplish. Crazy! But I am SO excited we have nets, rice and beans for the children! Keltie was able to pick up oil on her way home so we have that too. And we’d like to purchase some other things for the kids if the money keeps coming in. Thank you so much for your help – we wouldn’t have been able to do this without you all. I can’t wait to see the kids faces when we deliver all this tomorrow! I will take lots of pictures!
When I got back to the hotel Mayer was so excited to see me. He said “mooommmyyy!” when I came in and ran over and gave me a big kiss and hug. It was so sweet. This is the first time I’ve been away from him since we got him 3.5 weeks ago but Keith said he did fine. He napped part of the time so I wasn’t actually away that long.

Tomorrow we are supposed to head to a children’s home outside the city where I hope to meet some kids I’ll be helping to find adoptive families for. Then we’ll head back to Keltie’s to meet up and go to the orphanage and deliver all our goodies! Yay!

As far as adoption news – I don’t have much. Mayers passport is done and we’re supposed to pick up our ruling from the judge on Monday. We don’t know if it will have the correct wording we need to get a visa. If it doesn’t we wait for the courts to come to a decision on how they are going to handle these changes. If it does we’ll make a visa appt for Wednesday and try to come home this coming week. I would LOVE to come home this coming week, but am trying to not get too hopeful. We’ll just have to see what happens. We’re praying that we can go home soon – I miss everyone at home so much!

Driving to the Market

Headed into the market area before it got busy.


2 Comments to “Day 31 (Saturday)”

  1. amazing! wish we were there! hope you can go home soon!

  2. So thankful that you were able to purchase so much! Thanks for being the “hands and feet” to this orphanage!! We are still praying for the papers to come back with the correct wording!!

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