Kids that need families

While we’ve been here the need for adoptive families has becoming very apparent. Many people have asked me about adopting from Uganda since we’ve been here.
The process is not easy and is often frustrating but the children are so beautiful and the need is so great.

A little about the process as I know it. Things are changing right now in the process and this might change.

You can adopt independently or through an agency.
Adopting independently the fees are much lower than any other international adoption program I’ve seen.
The need for families is great…especially for boys, older and special needs children and you could potentially have a referral very quickly. We waited less than a month for our referral of an almost 2 year old boy.
Travel can be long and unpredictable. Some families have traveled and been home in 2-3 weeks. For others it takes 6-8 weeks. It depends on if there are any hiccups in the process while you are here. You can do two trips which would increase your costs but may cut down on time in country.
The dossier is very simple and easy to compile (at leas I thought so)
Uganda is a great place to visit and a beautiful country.
Singles can adopt children of the same sex.
No strict requirements on parents age, length of marriage, etc.

There are several children here in Uganda that I have met and that are in need of adoptive families.

There is a small group of special needs orphans in a Babies Home here. They have asked me to help them find adoptive families for these kids. These kids have been VERY well taken care of by one of the largest and most well known orphan care organizations in the country. They home has and is in the process of compiling in depth profiles of each of these children so there is quite a bit of information on them available as well as many pictures and stories from others who have spent time with them. Here is a little about the children based on my interactions with them. Please let me know if you want more information and I can get you their profiles. Please feel free to share this list with others who might be interested in providing a family for one of these sweet kids:

Boy age 2 with Cerebral Palsy (CP). Can sit up in a bumbo seat and reaches for toys. Smiles at his caregivers and other children. His limbs are very stiff. Has the best smile and is so cute!

Boy age 4-6 (?) with severe CP. I didn’t get a chance to interact with him much but his caregivers report they think he is at a 3-6 month old level. He was smiling at his caregiver while she fed him his lunch.

Boy age 5ish with untreated hydrocephalus. This little boy stole my heart. He is very smart, talks well and clearly and is the cutest little guy. His head is large but isn’t growing. He is just learning how to walk (his head size makes this very hard!) and he is so proud of himself. He is so adorable and sweet. He will make someone an amazing son.

Boy age 3-4 (?) with possible autism, deaf and partially blind. Didn’t spend any time with him but observed him for a short time from a distance. He was playing in some water and seemed very happy. Much more information available from the home.

Girl age 5ish with mild/moderate CP. This little girl is quite the character. She is very smart and seemed to understand everything I said to her though she isn’t able to talk at this time. Her caregivers report she knows the alphabet, her colors, numbers, etc. She gets around well though she isnt walking on her own. She can walk with a walker. She’s a beautiful little girl.

Girl age 18 months with hydrocephalus, probably developmental delayed, low muscle tone. If I could convince my husband to let us adopt again right away I would come back for this sweet girl in a heart beat. She is soooo sweet and beautiful! She has a shunt for hydrocephalus. She has low muscle tone. She is able to sit up on her own and army crawls around the room. She waved at me from across the room as she sat in her bumbo seat but got a little nervous and reached for her caregiver when I got too close. She is beautiful and has a gorgeous smile and twinkling eyes.

Girl age 3 with hydrocephalus, probably developmentally delayed. She was an onery little thing while I was there! She sat on my lap for a long time and we played for quite a while. She has a shunt for hydrocephalus. She isn’t walking yet but is learning. She gets around well by crawling. She has a crossed eye (just one) and is really cute.

Girl age 3 with a club foot, visually impaired, mild CP, maybe some other issues?
This little girl didn’t seem to want to interact with people and was off on her own most of the time. Her caregivers put her on a push toy and she had a great smile and was laughing the whole time. More information available from the home.

At another home there are several children that may need adoptive families. We’re still working with them to verify which children are available. Ages are all approximate.

Right now there is a little girl around age 5 or 6, and two boys around age 12. There are two girls age 7-8 and 10-11 who may be available. There may be more kids from this home but we’re not sure yet.

The special needs kids will have to be adopted by Christian families. The other home is a Christian home but we don’t know if they will allow non-Christians to adopt. We’ll find out.

If you are interested in getting more information on any of these kids please let me know!


4 Comments to “Kids that need families”

  1. thank you Salem, passing along to my friends in the adoption world! cutting and pasting, along with a link to your blog, because I’m not sure what is password protected and what isn’t…

    praying for families for these kids!

  2. Best of luck. Hopefully you will be reading this after you get your approval tomorrow. Praying all works out well.

  3. SisterHaiti – I work for SDG Child Advocacy center. Soli Deo Gloria – solely for the glory of God, was founded by an adoption attorney looking to make adoption more affordable for families. We are looking at facilitating independent adoptions in Uganda. Can you tell me more about your paperwork process, how your son was identified, etc. What the requirements were, and all that stuff. I would love to help these kids find families. Thanks for any insights.

  4. Could I have more info on the 18 month old girl? Thanks!

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