Bad Blogger…

Day 42 – Wednesday

I have been so bad about journaling. How about some bullet points on some things that have been going on here.

We had a visa appointment and it didn’t go as planned. Currently our file is being held and may be sent to Nairobi, Kenya for more processing. Explaination: We haven’t adopted Mayer here. In order to adopt from Uganda you have to live in Uganda for 3 years. Uganda (like a few other countries, I think South Korea is one) grants legal guardianship to Americans. Our court ruling states that we have legal guardianship of Mayer, with full parental rights and responsibilities. It is written in our ruling and understood by the judges that we will adopt Mayer in the US after we get home. He will come on an IR4 visa. To qualify for an IR4 visa the child has be able to immigrate to the US and be adopted by the guardians. The Embassy and the court here are having some disagreements when it comes to the wording in the paperwork from court. So until this gets cleared up or we get permission to go home with our current paperwork we are stuck along with several other families.

While here we have met and become friends with a Canadian mom trying to get her kids home. Keltie is adopting two adorable munchkins and has been waiting a LOT longer than we have. We’ve been spending a lot of time together and it’s so nice having another family here we can hang out with.

Keith is leaving on Sunday. Boo hoo… :( He has to though… we just can’t get around it. We were only supposed to be here for 3 weeks and it’s been 5 in a half. I am trying to figure out what I am going to do when he leaves but I may move in with Keltie and her kids. We’ll see.

Mayer says “I love you” now and it is soooo adorable. He has been feisty and wild lately with a big attitude. We’re dealing with a few behavior issues that we are currently working on. Like hitting. Throwing things he shouldn’t and knows he isn’t allowed to (cell phones, remotes, etc). Telling us no and refusing to come when we ask him too. Those are our big things. He can be stubborn. He’s definitely two. :) He can also be crazy sweet and cuddly. He has an obsession with skin contact with me and wants to lay on my bare skin all the time. It’s good for attachment so I’m all for it. He is super happy and fun in the room with us, but clams up and gets shy around strangers. I’m happy he has typical stranger anxiety. I think attachment is going really well and I’m pleased so far. I can tell he was well cared for in his orphanage and was able to attach to his previous caregiver. So important for these little ones!

The ladies at the hotel here are so sweet and all love Mayer, but they like to bug him and I don’t understand why?! Like they try to take things from him all the time just to get a rise out of him. His cup, a toy, room key, etc. Then they wonder why he won’t talk or smile at him. It is a weird cultural thing I’m just not used to.

An adoptive parent in the States sent us some money and asked us to buy a ton of paper bead necklaces here so they could sell them as a fund raiser for adoption. I went to the market on Friday and was able to buy a TON of necklaces (almost 200,000 shillings worth) and the ladies are the market were so excited, happy and grateful! It was so fun to be able to spend someone elses money and bless them so much. :) I have another 200,000 shillings to spend this Friday and will go back to get more. It will be fun. I took a boda boda over to the market but didn’t think much about how I was going to get all those necklaces back on a boda. I had a huge, heavy bag full plus my backpack. I was able to balance the bag between by legs on the seat in front of me, hold on to the driver with one hand and hold the back of the bike with the other. Because the bike was small and the bag big (plus I had a heavy backpack pulling me backwards) I felt like I was falling off the back of the back of the bike the entire time. Not good over these bumpy, crazy roads. And on top of that there is a new law of some sort here where some of the boda drivers are making their passengers wear helmets (mom, you’ll be happy to hear that) so the guy had me put on a helmet which was 3 sizes too big and kept falling over my face, so either I couldnt see anything the whole time and felt very disoriented or I had to let go and hold it up. It was a strange trip but memorable. :) Don’t think I’ll do it again though.

I talked to the kids today. Oi…I miss them so much. M. has been home from Haiti for over a month. She is taking an English class and doing very well. K. asked me if I have seen any elephants. F. (who is now 5, can’t believe I missed his birthday!) asked me why they won’t let me take our baby home. Sweet boy. I can’t even tell you how much I miss those kids. I think that might be the hardest part of being stuck here. Seriously.

Keltie and I went to Loving Hearts babies home this week. I had talked to their director Amy several times via email when we first started our adoption journey, it was nice to meet her. If we’d stayed with our original agency we would have been adopting from their home so it was neat to meet the babies and see the place. It is beautiful and very nicely set up. The babies are adorable and we had a good time. I also took Keltie over to tour the Watoto Babies Home which a friend runs. It’s an amazing orphanage and it is always nice to see a place being run the way a home for children should be run.

Monday we will take Hamani, the little boy from the RUHU orphanage that was just diagnosed with HIV, to meet Watoto’s social worker and see if maybe we can get him moved to their program. He needs to be in a place where he will get proper nutrition, his medicine, etc. Right now the kids at RUHU are eating only once a day and it is usually just rice or posho and beans. Not enough for a growing and now sick child. Also Watoto has these kids in small homes that are like a family, which will be amazing for him to have a family again. And he’ll get to go to school. Yay! Pray all goes well.

Keith and I think that someone should open a McDonald’s in Uganda. We have found the perfect place. Wouldn’t that be a good idea? We’re both craving big time…I know that will be his first stop when he gets home.

More later.


5 Comments to “Bad Blogger…”

  1. great post! Thanks for the update! sorry keith will be leaving but thankful you have keltie to keep you company! Question…how much does the beaded necklaces cost to buy there in american dollars? Do you have a picture of them?

  2. we found the Ugandan paper bead necklaces for sale at the zoo here in Wellington, NZ, and they’re Lucy’s new favorite birthday gift for friends and family. :) can’t wait to buy a sackful!!
    It is so good to hear how Mayer is attaching to you guys, just beautiful!! praying that things go as well for us!
    also sorry that Keith is leaving, but money worries are no fun either… praying for a swift resolution!!!

  3. I can imagine how hard it will be for Keith to leave you and Mayer…thank goodness for Keltie and other friends you have found there. They will be a comfort to both you and Keith while you continue to endure this process. Prayers may still be answered soon!


  5. Still praying that things work out soon. ((HUGS))

    Safe travels Keith!

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