What’s going on…

Day 43 – Thursday

I wanted to update a bit on what’s going on regarding our file. Please don’t copy or share this anywhere or with anyone without my permission. Thanks!

Right now our completed file and paperwork is sitting in the US Embassy with the Consular officer. It looks like everything will be sent to Nairobi, Kenya early this coming week to be processed by the Consular officers superiors. Our Ugandan attorney and our American attorney have both written their legal opinions on how our file meets the current US law and how we should be able to come home with what we have. We have been in contact with senators, congressmen, the state department, etc as we try to get this figured out. Apparently a lot of people know our story and what is happening here. The Embassy called me today and said they have been getting a lot of calls and emails about our case, many from people and gov’t officials I’ve never heard of. My mom spoke to a person high up in the State department yesterday who seemed to know all the details of our situation, even though I had no idea who this person was. It seems there are a lot of people looking at this and trying to get us home. We are so grateful. From looking at the law, looking at our attorneys (both of them) legal opinions and looking at our paperwork, it doesn’t seem to us like they have any grounds to NOT give us a visa. We’ll see what Nairobi says though. Their lawyers may have a different take on things. I’m hopeful things will work out soon. I can’t thank everyone enough for all your love and support as we try to get this figured out.

I heard that tomorrow the judges are supposed to announce a decision on their position on the whole thing. The big thing with the Embassy is knowing that the judges want the kids adopted in the US, so if they made that decision tomorrow that might really help our case. I’m not holding my breath, but wouldn’t that be nice?!


4 Comments to “What’s going on…”

  1. I did go to the USDOS website after Isaac’s first email (before we were told to do nothing), and sent a note to SOS Clinton. I didn’t specify just you, but the fact that there are several parents there stuck in limbo. Everyone is having the same issue. I copied every fact I could find on govt. websites along the lines specified in regards to legal guardianship and the fact that they can be adopted in the states. I asked that if she is unable to help to forward it to someone that can.

    We need to bring these children home.

    Wishing you and the rest of the parents there Good luck on tomorrow. We are still praying for you guys!

  2. I continue with prayers and want this and other families home.love kisses


  4. I’ve been in touch with my neice who works for a Congressman in DC, she contacted your Congressman’s office and talked with State Senator’s office. I’ve also shared everything with your Mom and she’s talked with them…trying to get an answer to all the “legaleeze” for that paperwork. Praying that the Judges’ ruling will be in your favor and end this quickly for all the families.

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