who are you people?!

I have been getting between 300 – 400 hits a day on this blog. I only know of a handful of people who read. Who are the rest of you?!!! Comment away….it’ll give me something to read in the morning. :)


27 Comments to “who are you people?!”

  1. I’m one of your readers! I’m enjoying following your journey. Praying that you will come home soon.

  2. I’m checking in frequently looking for updates, although not 300 times per day :)

  3. Also just checking in to see if your case is progressing and for any updates. We hope to travel back to Uganda soon to pick up our children! Praying for a resolution for all of us soon! I have to admit I check often, although not 300 times a day! :)

  4. There are only 3 of us, checking 100 times a day ;)

    Our prayers are with you all.

  5. I don’t check in daily….just whenever I get an email you made a new post! ;) I emailed you at first a long time ago and you were super helpful with Ugandan adoption info for me, and even suggest I email Acacia Tree. I am completely following your story and you are in my prayers daily to have the strength to keep strong while you are there, and that you will be able to bring your sweet boy home to the rest of your family very soon!!

  6. I just check here once in a while. we just got our dear little girl home from Haiti one month ago. I also lived in haiti for 2 years back 20 years ago and my heart is still there.

  7. I don’t check in 300 times a day, but certainly once a day. :)

  8. I know you by way of Sarah. I know Sarah from Baby Bear in Austin and we met when she brought Christella and Helande to Austin for surgery. I met Sarah at Ange’s home. I was visiting Helande who I met at our church,she was with Abby :)
    Hmmm….does that make Sarah the “Kevin Bacon” here?!

    Also, I have applied to be a host if any children are accepted in Austin for MAT.

    I think your little boy is so adorable!!! Congrats!


  9. Hey girl Jim and I get an average of 150 hits a day and I don’t know who they are either! Haha!

  10. My husband and I are just beginning to research international adoption agencies and your blog is one of several adoption blogs I check in with almost daily. I love hearing your stories!

  11. I live in Japan and have been waiting for your blog to be unlock so I can learn more about your adoption experience…though I only check in once a day….not 300!

  12. Hi, I would love to read your blog, but I do not have the password. My email is debarmk@hotmail.com. We are in the process of hopefully adopting from Uganda and I am apart of the Ugandan Adoption group on facebook. Praying for things to start moving! :)

  13. Hi there! I’m in WACAP’s Ethiopia program – your blog is still listed in the Yahoo group – I love following your journey! Thanks! Leslie

  14. I am from the Samson Cree First Nation in Alberta Canada- I was adopted by an Australian family, so adoption is an issue I am kind of passionate about. I found you via Google :)

  15. Hello! Several of us work with Keith and we are anxiously awaiting updates! This is our way of keeping in touch. Keith – your work family has you in their thoughts and prayers often!

  16. Hi Salem, I check in every few days when I see on facebook that you have updated your blog…
    I wanted to say thanks for recommending AAI for Ethiopia adoption- we are matched with our children (a 10 year old girl and her 6 year old brother) and our dossier should be heading to Ethiopia soon. They are precious kids and we can’t wait to get them home! Praying for you…
    Tanya in NC

  17. Hi, my wonderful Haitian baby delivery girl!

    Of course I’m here SEVERAL times a day – smiling over Mayer’s photos and groaning over all your delays. Djeni and I and the whole family are praying for you guys. Licia is here right now and it makes me wish we could all be together in ONE place at the same time – what a party that would be!
    love ya,

  18. I’m one of those lurkers that checks in every day or so…but would love an invite so I could read all the posts…I keep hoping to read that “we’re home” post! We “chatted” via email about Ugandan adoption shortly before you left. As soon as I read about the visa issues on another board, I thought of you & started checking in to see how it was effecting your journey. gndpacheco at yahoo dot com

  19. I do stop by a few times a day too to look for any updates:) Certainly not 300 though-maybe 3-4 times. Still praying for everything to be worked out sooner rather than later! God has a plan even if it doesn’t line up with our timing. Also praying for wisdom for where to stay…

  20. I have to admit that even though I receive emails letting me know you’ve added a post, I do check your blog a few times a day anyway, *just in case* you’ve added something and I wasn’t notified! as you can well imagine, I’m a little obsessive right now. just a little. :)
    hugs and prayers and lightness and peace around you and yours…

  21. Hey Salem,
    You know me, but thought I would comment anyway and say hi, and I’m praying for you, and I probably come here atleast twice a day hoping for good news…

  22. I am checking several times a day. Your facebook too. I wish that there was something we could all do in addition to praying. I feel the need for action on your behalf. Let me know where you are with your congressman!
    praying… hang in there. Ugh.

  23. hey there! we are just nosey (not 300 times a day) and love following your adoption and adventures….stay strong and we are praying for you! Would love to get together with Mayer and F and K when you get home….Makenley and Ella would love to see you guys!!! Safe travels to all!

  24. I have enjoyed reading about your journey.

  25. Hi Salem!

    We met a while ago on the yahoo group for Sanyu, and I am also a member of the Ugandan Adoption group on Facebook. Checking in frequently to hear/see updates in Uganda and with your family. We have a referral but are waiting for a court date pending the legal guardianship resolution.

    Praying for you sister.

  26. Hi. I know you from the Haiti adoption boards… my 2 were adopted through Answered Prayers, came home in 2005. Ketlove and Wisler. I would love to follow your blog if you would allow it. I have also followed your work with medical visas and someday will be ready to host when my own are older.

    Praying with you for a fast finish to all this so you can go HOME!

  27. Hi! You commented once on our blog, and that is how I found yours. We are praying for good news that will bring you and your son home for good.

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