Several people emailed asking me to put a donate button on the blog. I can’t for some reason. Blog won’t let me. Have no idea why.

But for anyone interested my paypal address is:

No pressure! Thank you to everyone who feels led to help us.


3 Comments to “”

  1. it’s wordpress that won’t allow it, I know others who have had the same problem

    btw-still praying, even though I’m not commenting..been sick.

  2. I stopped at the ou place and made small donation Chris knows and will tell Keith tomorrow.I wish I could do more.Love ya

  3. Hello Salem,
    This is Chris, Anna’s husband. It took a lot of fiddling but this should help you create a PayPal Donate button.

    After you choose ‘Create Button’ in the Merchant Services section of the PayPal website copy the email version of the html instead of the website version. Then go into your admin page of WordPress. You will use the Text widget to create the button. Type this into the field- (only paste what you copied from PayPal where it says in quotes ‘Replace this part…’) :

    Please let me know if none of this makes sense and I’ll try to type it out more.

    We are praying you guys everyday. Keep fighting!
    In Christ,

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