Day 55 – Tuesday

Day 55 – Tuesday

I know I’ve been bad about blogging lately. Yesterday was an awesome, though exhausting day. This weekend I had heard from my lawyer that he may be able to get me a meeting with a high up official in the Ugandan government. This person is someone who has the power to let us go home. I was excited and scared. I do not like doing things like this. I get really scared, really nervous, feel sick and feel like crying when in stressful situations. The idea of meeting with this guy and pleading with him was very stressful for me. But I knew this was a one time chance with someone who could help me get my son home. So I prayed. I cried. I felt sick. I whined to my mother. But I was determined to do it.

This weekend we put together a letter to this official. Laying out our situation and begging them to have mercy on the families that are currently stuck with their children here. On Sunday evening another American mom (Melissa) is who also stuck here came over, along with my lawyer (and Keltie, who this meeting can’t really help but it supporting us like crazy) and we went over everything. We went over questions this official will probably ask, what we need to tell them, etc. My lawyer brought over some great supporting documents to help our case. We went over everything, then went over them again. I was so nervous that night and the next morning. I prayed like crazy for a soft, compassionate heart for this official. I know many others were praying for that as well.

Keltie and Melissa showed up here at the hotel at 11am. My lawyer called right as we were getting ready to leave the hotel and asked me to change something in the letter. So Keltie watched the kids while Melissa and I fixed our letters to the official in the hotel business center. We finally got everything fixed, printed and copied. Then we were off. We made a quick stop to my lawyers office for one last document and then headed over to the government building!
When we got there we met up with Meghan (another American adoptive mom stuck here). We gathered in a circle in a small hallway of the government building and prayed. After prayer the others (and the children) went downstairs to wait and went to find the assistant to the official we were going to meet. When I found him, he was so gracious and so kind. This man is a relative of my lawyer and is the one that made it possible for us to see this official. I can’t even begin to explain how grateful we are for him! The morning didn’t go so smoothly. He wanted to change some things in the letter before we presented it to the official. This man was so kind to let me use his office and computer to get all our things together before presenting it. We had such a time with the computer, the printer, all kinds of things went wrong but FINALLY we got it printed. We went over everything again. The assistant said he would go in first and ask the official to see us. We didn’t have an appointment, he didn’t think they would give us one, so we just had to show up and hope for the best. When we got to the officials office he was meeting with someone. We waited until 130pm. At that time it was the officials lunch time so we were asked to come back at 330. During all this Keltie, Melissa and Meghan were all waiting downstairs with the children. I went back downstairs and I know when they saw me they were expecting that I had already seen him. I told them we had to come back so we decided to go each lunch and come back. Meghan couldn’t come and had to go back, so Keltie, Melissa and I headed to the Pizza place at Oasis Mall for lunch. We got through lunch, grabbed a few things at Nakumatt, took a picture of the “Not Tonight, Honey” (Yup, a bottle of honey) and then headed back over to the government building. My lawyer called an informed me that it would be good for the other adoptive families to go in as well. Meghan couldn’t get back in time, so Melissa and I were the ones who were going to go meet with the official. We got back right about 330 and quickly found a bathroom. (Nasty, eww, gross, eww – that’s all I have to say about that. Keltie had to go out or she was going to be sick. Yup, that bad.) Melissa and I went back to the assistants office to let him know were were there and Keltie took all the children to the grassy area in front of the gov’t building. When Melissa and I got to the assistants office we prayed together quickly and prepared ourselves. The assistant took us to the officials waiting room where we waited our turn to see him. When he was free the assistant went in and spoke to him on our behalf before we went in and asked him to see us. He agreed. We were ushered into a large, beautiful office. The official greeted us kindly and encouraged us to sit on one of his couches. I can’t speak for Melissa, but I was so incredibly nervous! The official joined us at the couches and it put me more at ease. We greeted him and started to explain our situation. He seemed very attentive and interested. He asked questions about the situation. He told us several times he wasn’t sure what he could do to help because this wasn’t his jurisdiction. We told him that we have been told that everyone is asking him to make a decision on the situation. He seemed perplexed but said something a long the lines of “I don’t know why they want me to get involved, but I will….” He asked about several things pertaining to adoption. We explained the lengths we had to go to to get approved to adopt. We talked about the US law and how they won’t grant a visa for the children to be fostered in the US. We talked about what we needed in order to go home. He seemed genuinely interested. He said that because we are “nice ladies” he would help us. He told he would talk to the judge that told the US Embassy the children shouldn’t be adopted. He said he hopes we will know something by Wednesday! I can’t even tell you how relieved we were as we left that office. We were so hopeful, yet guarded. We have had many people tell us they will do something here, and then weeks later nothing has changed. As we were leaving we were able to talk about our children and how these are our first children and how much we love them. He was able to tell us about his children and was so proud. It was a great conversation and I am thanking God for His hand in all of it. It could have gone so badly – and yet it was pleasant. This man was kind and compassionate towards us!
We went down and found Keltie and the children. Keltie is amazing. Wonder woman. She has been such an encouragement and help to me while I have been here and I don’t know what I would have done without her. She missed an appointment so she could sit outside in the heat all day with our children while we went to this meeting. I can’t even tell you how grateful I am for her.

We were all exhausted at this point. I think it was about 530pm when we left. I was so glad it was over and filled with hope. Last night Mayer and I both went to sleep early. I was out by 930!

This afternoon Keltie and I were eating lunch when we ran into a couple of other adoptive moms. One of them told me that her lawyer was contacted this morning by the official we went to see yesterday asking for his legal opinion on the matter. I was so thrilled to hear the official was actually thinking about and working on the situation! It was so encouraging and uplifting to hear that! Her lawyer seems confident that this will get worked out very soon. His legal opinion is that the kids should be able to go home and I’m hoping he can convince the official of that. I am sooooo ready to go home. I’m past that actually – I was ready to go home 3 weeks ago, I am getting desperate now.

So that is where we are at right now. Waiting to hear. Small steps forward, but thank God for those steps because being at a standstill is maddening.

Tomorrow Keltie and I will be doing some running around and some work while we’re still here. Want to get stuff done now in case we’re leaving next week! :) We’ll be going to one of the Babies Homes here to evaluate a baby that we may be trying to get a medical visa for. Then we’re going to try to go to out to RUHU and do some background investigations on some of the kids there who may be able to be adopted when this mess gets cleared up. I’m also going to be delivering my laundry to some ladies who are going to do it for me! Yippeee! No more washing laundry in the bathtub. 2 months of bathtub laundry is getting very old. I admit, I am very spoiled by my washing machine. So this is a real treat. I am excited.

We are praising God for everything He has done this week. We are praying and expecting miracles here in Uganda!

Will post more soon. Keep praying!!!!


10 Comments to “Day 55 – Tuesday”

  1. thank you salem for all you are doing for ugandan kids and adoptions while you are there! praying you guys get to come home soon!!

  2. THRILLING news. We will be praying.
    Mayer looks so healthy in this latest picture- just glowing. Good work mom!

  3. Salem this is wonderful news, thank you so much for posting!!! We will be eternally grateful for you “nice ladies” who are paving the way for the rest of us… hopefully!! Praying for a swift and positive outcome!!
    much love,

  4. Happy-Almost-Birthday, Salem! Hope you have a GREAT, PEACE-FILLED, JOYOUS day tomorrow!
    May God continue to bless you and direct you mightily. -And He will.
    Love you so much,

  5. oh friend…this thrills my soul so much to read this! THank you for being used by God to go and meet this official and explain everything to never know…God might have used you and that time for a specific reason to help this official help ugandan adoptions…reminds me of esther…”for such a time as this”… keep it up girl! Love ya and praying!

  6. Thank you so much for updating your blog.We all know how very busy you have been!!!!!!!!!!! Things do sound much more encouraging,and perhaps God has made others open their hearts.I feel you have been a blessing to so many,and a help to clear paths for others.Mayer has already changed so much.He sure looks happy.Love to the entire family.


  8. yes!! So good to hear! Thanks for fighting for the adoptions Salem and for working so endlessly for so many!! Praying for good news this week!

  9. Salem,

    My mom just called with your good news – and I started tearing up! You and Mayer are finally COMING HOME!!!! YEAH! Thank God! Prayers DO work!

    What a great birthday present for you!!!!
    Have a wonderful last few days in country and we can’t wait to meet Mayer!

    Terry and the entire Richards family

  10. He is gorgeous Salem…we can’t wait to meet him and have you all home!!!Of course we will keep praying!!!!

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