Mayer Update

I haven’t posted a general update for a while!

Sometimes I can’t believe how much Mayer has changed in the 2 months I’ve been here. He is really transforming from a baby to a big boy right before my eyes. He’s grown physically. He’s gotten taller and has slimmed down. He isn’t as chubby as he was (still a chunk!) but he seemed almost puffy compared to what he is now. He is getting pickier about food and seems to be eating less than he used to. Clothes that were too big on him when we first got here fit him perfectly now. He is talking so much more and seems understand everything I say. He is acting very independent at times, wanting to climb the stairs by himself, feed himself, go and gets a clean diaper and tells me when he’s poopy. (I know – time to potty train, but I just have to wait until we get home!). He is still shy around pushy people who come and try to grab or touch him, but is really seeming comfortable around friends we see now and again. He’s crazy about Keltie and her kids and will cry when it is time for them to go or for us to leave them. He rode a trike for the first time (was pushed by Maleah) and loved it. He loves to blow bubbles and can actually blow them himself. He sings several songs now and even though mos tof the time you can’t understand the words he is saying I can tell what he’s singing because I recognize the tune. He sings “Never Let Go” and has the “oh my soul…oh my soul…” part down pat. :) He doesn’t like to go to bed and will stall by asking for as many kisses as I will give him. I finally have to be firm and tell him enough and to go to sleep. He still sleeps curled up with his “bankie” and sucking on two fingers. He is learning to say the names of family members at home and it is so cute to hear him say them. I can’t wait for everyone to meet him!

He’s such an incredibly sweet and funny little guy. I feel so blessed that we found each other and I get to be his mom! Sometimes I still look at him and think, wow – this is my kid! :) Most of the time, it just feels so natural. He has attached incredibly well. People here comment on it. We have had far less meltdowns in the last couple of weeks. Maybe 2 or 3 a week and I think they are pretty normal 2 year old meltdowns from being over tired or because he didn’t get his way. He is still very big on cuddling and is very affectionate with me. We haven’t had any more pushing me away or head banging frustration meltdowns.

Today I strapped him onto my back in the Ergo and we hiked to a babies home not far from here. I know one of the girls that runs it and so we hung out there for a little bit. She let us borrow some kids dvd’s and Mayer is now in love with the Wiggles. :) It is always nice to sit and talk to others who “get it” – Uganda, adoption, attachment, frustrations, etc.

Well – I’m off to bed. More soon!

Lunch at the Pizza Connection…


7 Comments to “Mayer Update”

  1. He is just beautiful, Salem. His little face is so full of expression!
    much love,

  2. What a handsome man! You must be so proud.

    Hang in there and hug Keltie for me,


  3. What a sweet update! Your little guy is so darling. He reminds me of my son Owen at that age. Praying for patience and an encouraging breakthrough soon.

  4. He’s just adorable – what a blessing! I’m praying for you daily – SOON you will be home for sure!

  5. Salem, he’s just so precious. Don’t lose hope. We’ll keep praying.


  7. I don’t think he could get any cuter!! Seriously, he is precious!!! Still praying for you. This has got to get resolved soon!

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