I’m sorry for the lack of updates!  We’ve had some issues with things I’ve said on here getting spread around and changed and then rumors starting – so I’m probably won’t be posting as many updates on the process here.  Things are moving a bit – tiny little steps at a time.  Still don’t know when I’ll be able to take Mayer home.  I’m still praying that things will get worked out this coming week.  Keep praying for us!  We’re going on 9 weeks now.  Can’t wait to get this boy home where he belongs!!!


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  1. WE are praying for this family to come HOME.Stay strong, and know we all love and support you.Keep up your good works kiddo.LOVE AND KISSES

  2. UGH to Gossip! it’s like the world it made up for 7 year old girls! LOL. praying Salem!!!

  3. *made up OF..not for…it’s 8 am on a Saturday morning, my eyes are still blurry haha.

  4. Still praying Salem!!!

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