It looks like our orphan investigation is FINALLY complete. The Embassy said our file was to be sent to Nairobi this evening for processing of the visa. Please pray this happens quickly and without any problems.

Here is a video of some of the kids at the RUHU orphanage singing and dancing. Don’t they tug at your heart?


6 Comments to “Whew…”

  1. Salem, that’s awesome news! today has been a mixed bag, hey?

  2. I am sitting here almost in tears. The children were absolutely adorable. I pray everything goes quickly for you and Keith. What journey this has been for you and him. I hope you guys can get your son home soon. How hard this must be for both of you. I know when I usually talk to Keith everything seems ok on the outside but on the inside it has to be so hard. We are all praying for you both!

  3. How wonderful is that…….I will pray that things go quickly.Wonder how long this will take,I am clueless.This has been a long journey,but the rewards will be so worth it all.
    Love and Prayers

  4. Absolutely precious! Praying you are home soon now!

  5. praise the Lord it’s over and that hopefully soon you’ll hear news of you getting your visa!

  6. Nice video- boy in front is really talented and the little girl in blue skirt in very back was really getting into the dancing! Went to Relay for Life and got a luminaria in memory of Vicki last night. She’s watching and helping from above. Godspeed to you all. Keeping you in thoughts and prayers!

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