Some pics

No airport pics yet.  I’m trying to get people to send them to me. :)

Playing at home with M. K. & F.  – the kids are crazy about Mayer!  F. said “I just can’t stop staring at him!”.   I have that problem too! :)

First lunch at home.

Playing before bed.

Cute smile from a couple of days ago. 

He did really well today.  He was so excited to wake up this morning and see all his toys.  He has been playing with his trucks and cars all day long and has been so happy!  We went to the grocery store this evening and he did well.  A bit of a meltdown at the end of the trip to town, but I don’t blame him – I was tired and grumpy too!  He was so excited to see Daddy when he came home from work.  He isn’t crazy about the dogs and screams when they come near.  We’re keeping them separated for now.  He took right to his carseat with no problem, which is a relief.  

Sometimes I feel like I must be dreaming and am occasionally surprised when I turn around and he’s standing right there.  In America.  In our house.  It is an amazing feeling and we are so blessed!


5 Comments to “Some pics”

  1. oh how awesome! LOVE the pics and looks like he is adjusting well….ok well except for the dogs by what I read but i am sure that will come and eventually he will fall in love with the dogs! :0) He is such a sweetheart and I am so happy for you Salem!

  2. Geesh, let me wipe the tears away before I can really type anything. I am so happy for you and Keith. You guys will be the best parents ever. Malachi is a lucky boy to have the both of you. I can’t wait to see him. Sorry I couldn’t be there when you guys came home from the airport Tuesday. I sure was thinking about all of you. Love to all!

  3. Pets and kids have to adjust. It took Maria a little while to adjust to pets…we had to teach her to be “gentle” with our cat, Chica. Uncle Jerry’s dogs scared her (Golden Retrievers) since they were soooo big but she’s used to them now. Both need a little time. Looks like he’s settling in well and that’s great!

  4. congratulations to all of you!!!

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