Mayer has done so well since we’ve been home.  He is mostly happy, fun and loving.  He is definitely TWO though and has all the attitude that goes with it.  He was also VERY spoiled by his previous caregiver and is so very used to getting his way.  I’m trying to be a bit lenient on a lot of the issues but we’re being strict about no hitting and getting him to say what he wants instead of screaming for it.  I told the other kids yesterday that they need to make him ask for things instead of just handing him something when he screams.  We’ll see how it goes.

He’s sleeping great and not acting jet lagged (unlike me).  He slept 11 hours last night plus took a 2 hour nap yesterday.  He talks so much and is so loud.  LOL.   He sang “clean up, clean up” last night while we were pick up toys before bed.    He read books with daddy before bed and listened so intently.  He loves Dora and came into the house yesterday, ran to the TV and yelled “Dora, where are you?!”.   Adorable.

Today we’re off to Daddy’s school to meet his students and teachers who have waited and prayed for Mayer for many, many months.  Can’t wait for everyone to meet him!


One Comment to “Adjusting….”

  1. I am sure you two will help him get over any behavior issues he needs to work out…you seem to be such wonderful parents who love him so much! So glad things are going well other than normal little kid things! :0)

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