Mayer had his first doctors appointment on Wednesday.  He is in the 25th percentile for height and 95th for weight!  One chunky short little guy.  Everything appears to be on target, they commented on how smart he seems and quickly he’s picked up English.  He does seem to have a small heart murmur but they are just going to watch it for now.  They sent us down for blood work which wasn’t too traumatic – he screamed as they inserted the needle then stopped and stared at the blood as it flowed out of arm.  Brave boy!  

Yesterday while I wask dropping off his stool sample they called and said his hemoglobin was very low and wanted us to come back in for more tests.  So we went downstairs for more blood.  This time it didn’t go so easily and they had to dig around for his vein and he was not a happy boy – poor guy!  But they got it and now we wait for test results, probably Monday.  

Today we’re going swiming at a friends house for the first time at home.  Mayer didn’t like the pool at the hotel in Uganda, so we’ll see how it goes!  We’re excited that our friends get to meet Mayer for the first time!


2 Comments to “Doctors”

  1. hoping his blood tests come back ok! :0) wow, 95th percentile! :0) he is so adorable!

  2. Hope all goes well with the results. Please call us and let us know when you find out anything. I’m hoping Mother is keeping up on the website to see what’s going on. If not we will have to call her.

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