Happy Birthday Sweet Boy

Today is our Schnider’s 3rd birthday.


After 20 months, we still miss him deeply and think of him constantly.


He was our son, our first child.  I can’t wait until we can see each other again someday.


From this:

To this:

And a picture from February of this year.   He’s been home in Haiti for 20 months.


4 Comments to “Happy Birthday Sweet Boy”

  1. aww…how precious! I am sure that must have been hard to have him leave after you fell in love with him! Happy birthday to your little guy!

  2. It so hard. We had Tana only 3 months but not a day passes that I don’t miss her little funny self. I was blessed to see her in May – but saddened still by the poverty in which her family lives.

  3. Happy Birthday to our little Schnider! I miss him so much and I hope that one day I will be able to see him as well. We loved that little guy so much. I feel like crying. :( But happy for him that he is able to live his life there and not be shunned. What a sweet boy! Love you Schnider!!


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