Small Updates

Mayer continues to do so, so well.   

Sometimes I joke that he makes toddler adoption look so easy.   But it’s true, he has transitioned home so incredibly well. 

Of course, there are issues.  He screams “NO” a lot.  We have our melt downs.   He hits more often than I like.  But he is two after all so I know that figures into it as well.   His first week to week in a half with us back in January was HARD but he has attached to me so well now.

Our sweet F. is having some issues since Mayer came home.  Poor guy…he’s used to being the baby in the family and having another little boy around getting so much attention has been hard.  They play so well together when all is going well, but it gets a bit overwhelming for him at times.   The girls love him and they’ve been getting along great. 

Medically we’re still trying to figure out what is going on with his little body.  His stool sample came back clear – no giardia!  His hemoglobin have been coming back very low, so they have him on iron supplements.  The iron supplements have been making him constipated and making his belly hurt.  We went back this afternoon to have more blood drawn and have another doctors appointment in the morning.  We are still waiting on the sickle and lead results, both of which, from what I understand,  could affect his hemoglobin. 

Mayer has been playing hard outside the last couple of days.  The kids are in track and swimming lessons right now.   After swimming we’ve been going to the park.  Mayer is learning to like the twisty slide.  He’s still pretty nervous about getting up there, but once he starts going down he loves it.  It is so fun to watch him experience all these new things!




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