The start of the journey….

A little over a month ago, after months of praying, begging, fighting and crying we received some long-awaited news.

The email from the US Embassy that told us they were issuing Mayer’s visa!!

It was Tuesday, May 25 – I woke up very early to check my email.  When I saw an email from the Embassy in my inbox I sat straight up in bed and my heart jumped into my throat.  When I read the email, I couldn’t stop laughing, smiling and thanking God.  It was really happening!!  They said they were ready to issue the visa!   I needed to get someone to go pay for the visa the next morning (thank you Melissa!!!) and then it would be ready on Friday for pick up.

Then I read it again, it says to be here on Friday to pick it up, that I have to be there on Friday…FRIDAY.  This was tuesday.  I was still back in the States, at home. How was I going to get to Uganda by Friday?!   I didn’t even know if it was possible….

I called our travel agent quickly to see what they could find.  (Called them at 7am in the morning. –they are pretty great!)   I started praying hard that he could find something to get me in Africa by Friday and that wasn’t too expensive. 

He called me back at 8am and gave me my options.  If I left today (TODAY!) I could get to Uganda by Thursday on an Emirates flight and the tickets were fairly reasonable.  Could I do it?  

I put down the phone…prayed, called my husband, and my parents.  We all decided I should GO.  I called the travel agent back and told him to book the tickets.  By 8:30am the tickets were booked.  I had to leave for the airport in an hour.  

That hour is an ABSOLUTE blur.  Crazy.  I started throwing clothes into a suitcase, grabbing paperwork, passport, running around looking for things, took the fastest shower of my life, loaded everything up, stopped at my moms to tell everyone goodbye (Keith was at work an hour away, so no goodbye kiss for him!) and was out the door at 9:40.  An hour and ten minutes later.  I was still trying to wrap my head around everything as I was driving to the airport.  I just booked a ticket to Africa and left with an hours notice.  I was just sure I had forgotten some important paper or something…(I did forget a couple of things but nothing I wasn’t able to survive without).

I got to the airport and had to RACE to my gate.  I was late!  I got there right as they were boarding.  I sat down on the tiny little plane taking me to New York and tried hard not to cry.  I was emotional and excited and nervous.  Could it really be happening?  What if I got stuck in Africa again – I didn’t even check any bags, all I had was my carry-on!  Could I bear being stuck there again?  What would Mayer think when I got back?  Would he be mad at me for leaving him?  Would the Embassy really issue a visa?  You can see what was going through my mind at a mile a minute….

I left so quickly I didn’t even have much time to look at my itinerary.  When I got to New York I realized that I had a six-hour layover…so I found a comfortable place to sit, got out my book and tried to relax while I waited for my next flight. 

(More coming soon!)


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