seems like forever…

It seems like Mayer has been here forever. 

I can’t believe it has only been a month and a half.

Those months in Uganda seem like a dream…did that really happen?

Mayer is such a trip.  He’s smart.  Funny.  Adorable.  Happy.  Loving.

We keep hearing from others what a lucky/blessed little boy Mayer is.  

I just shake my head…
I can’t even begin to descirbe how blessed we feel to be have been given this amazing gift of a boy.  

We are so thankful!



3 Comments to “seems like forever…”

  1. aww….so incredibly happy for you!

  2. Ooo, don’t even get me started on how dumbfounded I am when rich Americans tell me how “lucky” my adopted kids are…
    “Lucky” to have lost birthparents and homes, to have lived in orphanages, to have been malnourished and possibly physically delayed, to be facing the challenges of growing up with differently colored parents, adjusting to a different society… ETC!
    Are they blessed and happy? Yes!
    Perhaps I don’t understand your use of the word.
    How would you apply that word to yourself, Mr./Ms. Rich white American, growing up in the land of Disney, with hardly a want in your life…?

  3. He is absolutely adorable!! so happy that you finally were able to make your dreams of adopting come true!

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