Not amused…

I was searching through old pictures today on flickr (looking for something I never found) but I came across this picture and couldn’t help but laugh.

This is right after we got baby Lena from Haiti who stayed with us until we could get her to WA for surgery.

I think Schniders expression clearly shows just how he felt about having another baby in the house.  :)

My goodness, I love and miss him so much. 


4 Comments to “Not amused…”

  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! So adorable!! Love that hair!

  2. How funny! You would have thought you just told him it was the end of the world! I love and miss him as well. Not as much as you guys though. I did have the honor of babysitting for him one day and I will cherish every moment that I had with him. He was such a good baby!

  3. Oh my miss him also He was so sweet great picture !!

  4. oh that was a fun adventure to WA! i miss those days!

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