Praying for Change

This has been on my heart today.

I have recently started chatting with the directors of two different orphanages in a country in Africa.   Oh my goodness – if you want to see some cuteness check out the babies on their websites.  Be still my heart.  

Link 1.
Link 2

This country doesn’t allow international adoption unless you live in the country for three years (sound familiar?).  Unlike Ug*nda they don’t have a guardianship option or make exceptions for special needs children.

This country has many orphans.  Far too many orphans who will never find families and will grow up in orphanages.

Children should not grow up in orphanages.

Every child needs and deserves a loving family.   And sometimes it just isn’t possible to find that family in their own country.

Please pray with us that the government would consider revising their laws so that some of these precious children can be adopted.

Adoption is not the solution to this (or any) countries orphan crisis – but it can change the lives of some innocent children who shouldn’t have to sit and wait.


2 Comments to “Praying for Change”

  1. I have BEEN to this baby home, and I have attempted to adopt in this country. We lost our little girl partway through the process to a native adoptive parent. Please do pray for this country. The 3-year residency is a new law, so please pray that someone will successfully work for another change – one that will truly benefit the many, many orphans needing hope.

  2. I agree with you.
    I think if at all possible a child should stay with their birthfamily or should at least be adopted in their country of origin. Those possibilities however simply do not exist for most children in orphanages in third world countries. There simply can’t be a viable adoptive “culture” inside a country until there is a large enough middle class. Therefore I support intercountry adoption as a viable option for children living in an orphanage. I agree when you say this is no solution to an “orphan problem.” But a family is a family, why would we deny that to any child based on borderlines? Prayers for these children for sure!

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